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How important is Armor in Black Ops 4? Full breakdown of statistics for both Multiplayer and Blackout

Published: 18/Oct/2018 0:43 Updated: 30/Oct/2018 21:11

by Wyatt Donigan


Deciding whether to prioritize armor both in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer and Blackout is one of the hardest decision the game has presented thus far.

Armor is present in both the multiplayer and Blackout modes of Black Ops 4, with the item performing in vastly different ways between the two modes.

With so many options to consider, it can be a bit mindboggling trying to figure out what setups to run while playing the game.

Call of Duty expert ‘Drift0r’ has eliminated all guesswork with his latest in-depth video focusing on how armor works in both multiplayer and Blackout.

In Black Ops 4 multiplayer, armor gives players a straight 50% damage reduction against all weapons except sniper rifles, which receive a 30% reduction.

In terms of damage reduction, armor in multiplayer is identical to level 3 armor in Blackout, with the difference coming in the durability of the armor.

In multiplayer, armor only has about 75HP, as compared to the additional 225HP that all armor in Blackout grants players. Despite what the armor looks like visually, it also provides protection to players arms, legs, and feet, not just the chest.

The major drawback to armor in multiplayer, however, comes in the form of the FMJ attachment that some weapons can be outfitted with. FMJ completely ignores all armor and also shreds it in a single shot, which opens the user to more damage from the shooter’s teammates.

In Blackout, armor plays a much different role, as there are different levels for players to pick up, each with their own damage reduction numbers. Level 1 reduces damage by 30%, level 2 reduces by 40%, and level 3 reduces by 50%.

Level 3 armor isn’t just king due to its great damage reduction, either, as it also provides the user with flak jacket-like protection from explosives.

The one major difference between multiplayer armor and Blackout armor centers around the amount of protection damaged armor gives. In multiplayer, armor with 3HP left will only reduce incoming fire by 3HP, whereas armor in Blackout will grant the full percentage no matter how many health points are left.

Despite the difference between armor in the two modes, SMGs are still hindered the most when going against armored enemies in both multiplayer and Blackout, as it eats up anywhere between five and 12 SMG shots before breaking.

For in-depth guides on everything in Black Ops 4’s Multiplayer and Blackout modes, visit our extensive guide hub here.

Call of Duty

NICKMERCS rates the best Warzone players from to Scump to HusKerrs

Published: 24/Oct/2020 1:06

by Theo Salaun


Tasked with drafting a team for a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament, NICKMERCS went through some of the game’s biggest names, ranking them while determining who he would most want to duo with.

To start Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards’ $10,000 “Cracked Creators” Warzone tournament, 16 creators were tasked with drafting their duo from 16 “cracked” streamers.

As one of the creators allowed to select their tandem, NICKMERCS sifted through 16 of the game’s best to determine who he would prefer to play with.

Ultimately, the FaZe streamer ended up putting his decision to a poll among his fans. But, before doing so, he originally went through all 16 and gave thoughts on how each of them ranks. And the options were varied, but all shared one thing in common: talent.

With professional Call of Duty League players like Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper and Seth ‘Scump’ Abner available, as well as Warzone streamers like Aydan and HusKerrs, the candidates were excellent. Still, NICKMERCS sifted through and broke down who he truly believes ranks as the battle royale’s best.

Segment begins at 00:20:45.

NICKMERCS starts by going through the list and just expressing what an absolute struggle it will be to pick from such a talented crop of peers: “Oh, it’s going to be so hard to pick man … No matter what, everybody that I would pick from is cracked.” But, after going through and complimenting practically everybody, he starts the process of elimination.

Since Nick chooses second after DrDisrespect, he immediately eliminates Zlaner as Doc’s likely first pick. Then, he eliminates JoeWo with two simple reasons: “I’ve never played with him and every time I play against him, I beat that little ass.”

Then, BobbyPoff is gone: “BobbyPoff, I love the guy, but take him off the list.” And the “Scarf Lord” is followed quickly by the Chicago Huntsmen’s FormaL and Scump: “Love ‘em, love ‘em. But I feel like there’s better BR players.” After that, things start getting complicated.

Cracked Creators Warzone
The list of “cracked” players in Hitch’s Cracked Creators Warzone tournament.

Similar to Zlaner, Nick decides to sacrifice Merk so that he can play with his longtime duo, Maven. Then, recognizing that all of these remaining players are absolute menaces on Verdansk, he goes with two simple metrics to determine his personal preference. He immediately prioritizes controller players and the highest earners in Warzone tournaments.

That eliminates stars like HusKerrs and Symfuhny for their mouse and keyboard usage, while also eliminating Crowder and DougIsRaw for their low earnings. Finally, he eliminates Jukeyz because of his struggles understanding the UK maestro’s accent and decides to put the decision to a poll.


Ultimately, it’s between Aydan and Tommey, with Cloakzy popping on to let NICKMERCS know that Aydan’s been playing some Fortnite recently. That leaves the FaZe star choosing Tommey, noting that “he’s got great communication, phenomenal player, guaranteed to get some chopper kills off rip.”

Despite going through full rankings for his options and landing upon an excellent duo, the decision-making process proved to be futile. NICKMERCS and Tommey could only end in the Top 12 for the tournament, while the easily dismissed BobbyPoff actually came in first place.