Hilarious Modern Warfare movement glitch gives new meaning to 'snaking' - Dexerto
Call of Duty

Hilarious Modern Warfare movement glitch gives new meaning to ‘snaking’

Published: 29/May/2020 17:07

by Jacob Hale


A hilarious and bizarre new glitch has been discovered in Modern Warfare and players are as confused as they are in hysterics at it.

Movement is one of the most important aspects of the Call of Duty franchise. Good movement can make a good player great, and help you put yourself in the best position possible for any gunfight.

With that, though, comes the necessity for players to take advantage of unfair movement mechanics or bugs that leave their enemies helpless – but this glitch here really is a head-scratcher.

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We think this player took ‘Ground War’ a little too literally.

While ‘snaking’ has been a movement bug found in a large number of Call of Duty titles, we’re not quite sure it’s ever looked like this.


Typically, when anticipating a gunfight, you watch for people to run round corners or pop up at a door, perhaps, but this might’ve been the last thing fr0stehsnew expected to face.

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While playing Ground War, fr0stehsnew was holding the area around C to make sure no enemy could get in, but one player nearly slithered past him… literally.

The first time you watch this you’ll literally laugh out loud, as his enemy comes around the corner at a rate of knots while prone on the ground, especially because of the split second where fr0stehsnew just doesn’t shoot, clearly flabbergasted at what he was seeing.


Super fast prone. Is this a new exploit? from r/modernwarfare

As shown in the video, it happened again a little while later with the exact same player, which seems to suggest there’s some trick behind the movement.

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While it’s not clear what exactly causes this, some players responded with what they believe it to be having witnessed the issue before.

Some claimed that it was simply a visual issue, as you could see the player standing in the killcam, while others suggest it could actually be done purposefully by entering a vehicle prone, looking downwards.

While it’s not entirely clear what causes this, and despite how hilarious it is, it’s probably something that should be looked into and fixed when Season Four rolls around on June 3.