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Genius Cold War trick allows you to pick what mode you get in League Play

Published: 17/Jun/2021 13:00

by Jacob Hale


Black Ops Cold War players have discovered a genius trick that essentially lets you pick which mode you want to play in League Play, letting you avoid those pesky Checkmate Controls.

After fans called for League Play for months, both throughout the Modern Warfare season and the opening stages of Cold War, it was finally implemented to BOCW in early 2021.

Players weren’t totally impressed with the competitive mode, which didn’t have all the right weapon bans and had a few bugs, but overall it has been a positive addition to Cold War.

One thing that all players can relate to, however, is finding yourself on a map or mode that you just don’t want to play. But that could all be about to change.


cold war league play cdl skin
Some modes can be particularly frustrating.

While many players hate loading into a Search and Destroy in League Play, or have certain maps they just don’t like on some modes, it’s actually possible to find out what you’re playing before loading into it.

As shown in the clip below by streamer Aroma, it’s actually pretty easy to be selective over which game mode you play. Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  1. Check the Rules tab in League Play and it will show you all the maps and modes available.
  2. Click Find Match.
  3. Once you’re loading into a lobby, click on Rules again.
  4. It should only show one mode now, and that will be the mode you get.
  5. If it’s one you don’t like or won’t play, you can back out and find a new lobby.

While we wouldn’t recommend lobby-hopping like this, a common complaint from League Play players has been frequently getting the same maps and modes.

If you’re looking for more variation, this trick could be the key. As always, though, we’d suggest getting reps in on every map and mode so you can truly master them all.


That way, you won’t need to worry about which mode is coming up anymore!