FaZe Swagg unveils insane SCUF controller worth over $2000

YouTube: Swagg/SCUF Gaming

Top Warzone pro and streamer FaZe Swagg has shown off his brand new unique SCUF controller, perhaps the most expensive in existence, costing over $2000.

When you’re competing at the top level, using the right equipment is absolutely essential. You’ll see most Warzone pros who play on controller playing with third-party brands that offer more extensive options such as paddles.

As these third-party brands, such as SCUF Gaming and BattleBeaver, become ever more popular in the space, Swagg has decided to one-up his competition by designing something truly insane.

Complete with a military case, Swagg’s nuke-themed SCUF controller will be the envy of any Warzone competitor — but it won’t come cheap.

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Swagg $2000 SCUF Gaming controllerYouTube: Swagg
Swagg’s new controller might be one of the most expensive in the world.

Built using the new SCUF Instinct Pro Xbox controller as its foundation, the controller was packaged in an authentic military case with a UV torch, too, ensuring by all means that the device is built for battle.

Those two products came to around $850 in total, with the remaining $1400-1500 entirely spent on the controller itself. This includes hand-crafted 3D parts, jelly button keys, and all of the regular trimmings you would expect from a SCUF controller.

The design features not only Swagg’s logo on a ripped-effect faceplate, but it also features the nuke symbols on each stick to commemorate Swagg’s Nuke Squad, as well as the FaZe Clan logo emblazoned on the front.

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Obviously, these third-party controllers don’t usually come cheap, but $2000 definitely exceeds what you would expect to pay for a standard design.

That said, Swagg has earned well over $100,000 from Warzone competition alone, not even including his huge content presence on YouTube and Twitch. If he can better his game with a $2k controller, he’s well within his right to do so.