FaZe Clan’s ‘Attach’ Explains the In-Game Role Changes Within Their Call of Duty Team

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FaZe Clan professional Call of Duty player Dillon ‘Attach’ Price has provided an explanation for the apparent in-game role changes within their team.

The former World Champion released a video on May 28th in which he described why he and teammate Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner have essentially swapped roles.

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Since the start of the WWII season, the roles within FaZe’s CoD team had been pretty much set in stone. 

Attach and Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto had manned the SMG Slayer roles, James ‘Replays’ Crowder was the main AR player, and Priestahh was the Flex, which meant that he could use an AR or SMG based on the map and game mode.

However, after a disastrous 0-3 start in the first week of the CWL Pro League Stage 2, it appeared that the team had decided to make a major change, giving Priestahh the SMG role while Attach became the Flex.

The move looked to have helped the squad in a big way as they bounced back nicely in Week Two to go 3-1 and improve to 3-4 overall in the Pro League.

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In his video, Attach not only confirmed the change, but also offered the team’s insight and reasoning behind the decision.

“We were just in a weird state after the first week of the League, when we obviously got destroyed. Second week we turned it around and went 3-1 […] Pretty much, it just felt like it fits the pacing of our team better. Priestahh plays faster than I do, so his pace plays better with a Sub, whereas I play a little slow, I would be able to anchor spawns more with an AR because I was already kind of doing that with the Sub, and that doesn’t really make sense. I’m in like AR positions and stuff and so it just screws kind of a weird pace. So we felt like the switch was needed and I think it’s been helping. I’m playing well, everyone on the team has been playing well. The way we play in game, everything is just like smooth the way we play in-game, so we’re all liking the change.”

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The remainder of the video is a recording of Attach’s gameplay with an AR weapon, primarily the STG-44, as he plays against fellow professionals in a competitive ‘Money 8s’ match online.

Seeing Attach primarily play with an AR may be a sight for sore eyes as the veteran plays has manned the SMG role for most of his time since becoming a full-time professional.

The entirety of the video can be viewed below, or on Attach’s official YouTube channel.

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