FACEIT explains why anti-cheat system won’t detect Warzone hackers

warzone battle with logo in corner and faceit anti-cheat logoActivision/FACEIT

The hacking problem in Warzone is one that has been ruining games for years, and Activision have consistently struggled to do much about it, even with their RICOCHET anti-cheat system. Is FACEIT anti-cheat really the solution some players think it is? 

Despite numerous ban waves and the implementation of RICOCHET, hacking has run rampant in Warzone, and players have often sought new ways to confirm that they’re not cheating — or to prove that someone is.

One of these measures that competitors, streamers, and casual players alike have found in attempts to prove their innocence is the use of FACEIT’s popular anti-cheat system.

While some people swear by it and believe that all players should have to run FACEIT to play Warzone, the company has confirmed that their anti-cheat system simply is not available on Warzone or Call of Duty as a whole.

Warzone Pacific Characters in GunfightActivision
Warzone has had a hacking epidemic ever since launch.

“The way that our Anticheat system is built is that it can only work for game titles that are officially supported, with FACEIT tech integrated,” FACEIT’s Chief Marketing Officer, Fabio Floris, told Dexerto. “Unless a player is actively playing in a game session on one of those officially supported games, our product simply stops working by design and cannot detect, track or block any potential form of cheating — it does not have any form of interaction with the game at all.”

FACEIT’s anti-cheat supports titles such as CS:GO, PUBG, and League of Legends — but not Call of Duty. That could change in the future, though.

Floris explained: “At FACEIT we’re constantly looking to support more and more game titles, by working closely with game developers to design robust anti-cheat solutions that improve the experience for their players and protect the integrity of their competitive gaming programs.

“We’ve actually recently decided to invest in a new portal that will be going live soon, under the name of ‘FACEIT Labs.’ With FACEIT Labs, game developers will be able to easily access and install those technologies in their games through SDK and specific game engines plugins.”

Floris concluded his point by discussing the misconceptions surrounding FACEIT anti-cheat as it pertains to Warzone. “We’ve been contacted by a few members of the COD community recently and we released a few public posts to clarify some misunderstandings on how our AC system works and its effectiveness to protect COD game sessions from cheating.

“We’re incredibly proud of the effectiveness of our Anticheat, however, we want to avoid any false expectations which could negatively impact the integrity of the competitive scene. We don’t want people using an Anticheat solution during tournaments thinking it is 100% effective when it is not.”