FaZe Clan’s Attach Takes Down Helicopter Pilot With Incredible Blackout Sniper Shot

. 4 years ago

FaZe Clan’s Dillon ‘Attach’ Price is already getting the hang of the Blackout beta and showing his opponents why he’s a professional Call of Duty player!

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The 2015 CoD world champion has been playing the PlayStation 4 beta release of Call of Duty’s all-new battle royale title non-stop since it went live, and he’s produced some stellar clips in that timeframe.

However, one achievement seems to be standing out above all others for the 21-year-old; an incredible iron sight sniper shot to take down an opponent in a helicopter:

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Attach was just as shocked as his viewers when he hit the unlikely shot, screaming “I KILLED HIM! Yo, yo, yo CLIP THAT! CLIP THAT! I just sniped him out the helicopter!”

The impressive play goes to show that Blackout’s helicopters won’t make players invulnerable.In fact, if they’re open to shots like this, a lot of would-be pilots might do well to consider a different path!

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The Blackout beta seems to be a huge hit with both the Call of Duty community and fans of the battle royale genre. Naturally, the CoD pros like Attach are taking to the PlayStation 4 mechanics exceptionally well!

In the responses to his sniper clip, Attach stated “I’m having so much fun so far” – a statement that seems to be true for for all of the big names in the competitive Call of Duty scene, past and present.

The Blackout beta is set to run until September 17 and promises to challenge the likes of Fortnite for Twitch viewership until that date.

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