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eRa Eternity announce return and claim to have paid debts to former CoD players

Published: 20/Aug/2019 19:54 Updated: 20/Aug/2019 20:26

by Eli Becht


Esports organization eRa Eternity announced it was starting back up again on August 20, nearly a year and a half after players were reportedly going unpaid with salaries or event winnings.

In March 2018, it was alleged eRa’s debt reached over $75,000 that hadn’t been paid to players across Call of Duty, CS:GO, Gears of War, and Rainbow Six according to Dot Esports.

The organization eventually closed its doors but they have now reopened, and ready to win back the trust from players and fans alike.

CEO CJ Kornhaus announced he was bringing back a team that will help eRa “get back to where it once was.”


“We would like to apologize to all the professional athletes who may have felt deceived as we failed to meet financial obligations of our extended contracts,” wrote CJ Kornhaus, CEO of eRa. “A sincere apology goes out to all eRa fans who’ve supported us in the past, you deserve better from us.”

Operations at the organization are resuming immediately according to Kornhaus.

Kornhaus clarified in a separate post that he has fulfilled the debt to the Call of Duty team, but still needs to make up the remainder of the portion.

“I know some may not support this and some may,” he tweeted. “I’ve been trying to raise capital for over a year to pay the debt in full and have not been totally successful. As you know, CoD is paid. This will help with the remainder of the debt, then we will FULLY resume operations.”


All the players who haven’t been paid have all been contacted about the return of eRa and were also given a timeline on when they can expect their unfulfilled payments.

The team plans on creating content across Twitch and YouTube along with collaborating with brands to release a new fashion collection.

There’s still a sour taste in the mouths of many following all of this controversy but eRa will be trying their best to wipe that away.

“We will continue to correct our wrong and promise you that the eRa Eternity name will be rebuilt in a respected manner,” said Kornhaus.