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Easy Warzone trick makes Cluster Strikes 100% accurate

Published: 7/May/2020 16:40 Updated: 8/May/2020 12:32

by Daniel Cleary


This simple Warzone trick allows Call of Duty players to make the most out of the popular Cluster Strike killstreak, with near-perfect accuracy on every use.

It can be quite challenging to pick up wins in Warzone compared to other battle royale titles, with up to 150 players gunning for the top spot in every match.

Players will often look towards the different Buy Stations scattered around Verdansk to give themselves an edge over their opponents with options such as custom loadouts and killstreaks on offer.

Buy Stations in Warzone allow players to pick up killstreaks such as UAVs, Cluster strikes, and more.

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One of the killstreaks that many players opt for when looking to rack up wins is the Cluster Strike, which only costs $3,000 and can be devastating to enemy players when used correctly.


Due to the nature of the killstreak, players need to mark their opponents using a targeting laser which becomes more difficult to aim at a distance.

However, Warzone player u/LeagueofSOAD has shared a quick “pro tip” that can guarantee accurate bombing strikes even during long-range gunfights.

Pro tip for 100% accuracy Cluster Strike from CODWarzone

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Instead of lining up the Cluster Strike with the targeting laser, players can simply use the scope or sight of their primary weapon to ADS on their opponent and, without moving the camera, switch to the killstreak again to trigger the bombing run on that exact location.

Although it is fairly simple to execute, the fan received a lot of support on their post from many Warzone players who were unaware of this clever tactic.


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Accurate cluster strikes can do a lot for players in Warzone when used tactically, such as wiping out opponents who are in power positions like rooftops in late-game fights.

The only potential downside to this trick is that it can take a little bit longer than usual to trigger the killstreak, potentially endangering you if you’re caught standing still out in the open.

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