Insane Warzone bug makes Heartbeat Sensor the worst item in the game

. 2 years ago
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Heartbeat Sensors appear to now be the most useless piece of Tactical equipment in Warzone, thanks to a ridiculous new glitch that is killing unsuspecting players on the spot.

From blinding flash grenades to pesky decoy grenades, Tactical equipment is designed to give you an edge in combat, without necessarily dealing damage. 

Heartbeat Sensors should work just the same, giving you a tactical advantage on the map. However, an absurd bug is sure to make you stay away from the item until a new patch is released.

Infinity Ward
You might want to stay away from Heartbeat Sensors until the next Warzone patch is released.

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Exposing nearby enemies is how the Heartbeat Sensor is supposed to work across Modern Warfare and Warzone. A new bug is exposing just how damaging the item piece of equipment can be, however.

As the first pulse of the sensor goes out, Reddit user csvolts is instantly knocked down. No warning, no incremental damage, just outright knocked as soon as the item comes into play.

Perhaps thinking that they were magically sniped, or hit by some other form of damage, they tried again after being revived. Straight away the Heartbeat Sensor knocked them down again.

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There’s no telling exactly what led to the bizarre issue, but plenty of others chimed in and highlighted similar issues on their end.

A leading theory targets loot drops as the cause of the issue. As Heartbeat Sensors supposedly still work when pulled from Loadout drops, according to bigm1ke.

“Happened to me too a few days ago,” they said. “It was a sensor I found on the map though. When I got my loadout, the sensor was fine after.”

While it may be a completely random bug affecting sensors on the map, until an update is pushed out, it could very easily impact your next Warzone session.

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Despite the intel that a Heartbeat Sensor could provide in a tense situation, it may be wise to completely ignore the item. 

Losing in a gunfight is one thing, but losing to seemingly beneficial equipment is sure to be frustrating.

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