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Drift0r says Modern Warfare does not have a mini-map, explains why it’s a ‘good thing’

Published: 30/Jul/2019 23:58 Updated: 31/Jul/2019 0:04

by Albert Petrosyan


Popular Call of Duty YouTuber Brad ‘Drift0r’ Overbey has given his take on the upcoming Modern Warfare title not having a mini-map, saying that it’s not as bad as people may perceive. 

Whether or not Modern Warfare will feature a mini-map has been a major topic of debate ever since leaks and rampant speculation broke out several weeks ago that there would not be one in the upcoming title.

On July 30, in a discussion video about MW, Drift0r and his fellow YouTubers Trevor ‘TmarTn’ and Jimmy ‘Chaos’ (formerly known as Chaosxsilencer) essentially confirmed that to be the case.

“I haven’t played it, so I can’t say if it’s a bad thing,” TmarTn said. “I know they’re going for the more realist aspect, which that does make sense.”

“I feel like it’s going to slow the game down and make it a lot more ‘campy,'” he went on. “Again, I haven’t played it so I have no experience but I think that’s what would happen if you took mini-maps away from any other CoD games.”

TreyarchThe mini-map has gone through transformations over the years, but it’s always been a fixture in every CoD title.

Drift0r, however, saw the prospect of there being no mini-map from a different perspective, arguing that it may actually help improve the gameplay experience.

“In CoD you’re always starting at the mini-map, looking for the little dots to pop up,” he explained. “And if you think about your player behavior, and you’re just kind of meandering, and shooting at what pops up, and if you see a dot you change your behavior.”

“When you take away the mini-map, you actually have to use your ears and think a little bit. And it also helps you focus on the actual and not just starting at the upper left-hand corner just waiting for somebody to reveal themselves.”

You can listen to their entire discussion about Modern Warfare below, with the topic of there being no mini-map starting at the 13:30 mark. 

Until the game is released and players have gotten a chance to try it out, there’s no way to definitely know whether there being no mini-map will be a positive or negative change.

One thing is for certain, the transition in gameplay and play-styles will be a massive one, since the mini-maps has been a fundamental fixture of the multiplayer in virtually every CoD game that’s ever been released. 

Of course, Infinity Ward have already showed what the game looks like with no mini-map, during the reveal event for the brand new 2v2 Gunfight mode several weeks ago. 

Players can expect the topic to be a major point of emphasis during the multiplayer reveal on August 1, during which everyone will get a much fuller glimpse of the game with no mini-map, especially the other modes within multiplayer. 

TeePee - TwitchThe 2v2 Gunfight mode has already been confirmed to not include a mini-map.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer reveal – what we know

The global reveal event for multiplayer will be taking place on August 1, 2019 live from Los Angeles, CA. The presentation is scheduled to kick off at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

Activision have already announced that the event will showcase the debut of the MP trailer, live gameplay featuring Operators, Loadouts, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades, brand new maps and their day/night variants, and much more. 

Call of Duty

Will there be next-gen for Modern Warfare? PS5 version found

Published: 2/Dec/2020 17:19

by Lauren Bergin


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is practically a household name for FPS fans and non-gamers alike. It’s no shock then that CoD fans were beyond excited at the possibility of a PS5 version of the game. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has become a staple title for the CoD franchise. After a recent clarification from an Infinity Ward dev that more content is coming soon fans have jumped back aboard the Modern Warfare hype train.

This announcement had fans scratching their heads over what new content would be released, especially when Black Ops: Cold War and its Warzone season are likely to be the focus of development for some time.

A reddit user, however, has sparked some life into the community by leaking a possible PS5 release for Modern Warfare in the near future.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay
Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare is the game that birthed Call of Duty: Warzone, which has exploded into a fully fledged esport.

Modern Warfare on PS5 Leak

A post and possible leak on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours by reddit user asjonesy99 has seized the interest of CoD fans from across the globe.

The post sees the possibility of there being a PS5 version of the title available in the near future. When purchasing the game, the dropdown menu shows the original PS4 version followed by a PS5 version.

View post on imgur.com

The original post states that when he selects this option it becomes locked. After checking a plethora of other games, there are no other options for PS5 versions, so either this is a simple error or CoD are planning a future PS5 update for the game.

While excited, a lot of fans weren’t particularly shocked at this leak simply due to the popularity of Warzone, which launched alongside Modern Warfare in October 2019 and is fully integrated into the game.

The future is of course uncertain, and in turn this means that this could be nothing. However, it’s really exciting to think that Modern Warfare will be back with a bang to continue to inspire future generations of FPS players in the same way it has inspired the current one.