Dr Disrespect says Modern Warfare “doesn’t feel like past CODs” after going “hands-on”

Calum Patterson

Twitch streamer and former Call of Duty developer Dr Disrespect says he has been ‘hands-on’ with Infinity Ward’s new Modern Warfare, and has some very positive insights for fans.

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Although fans have only seen the reveal trailer, press and a handful of YouTubers and streamers got early access to see two campaign missions at Infinity Ward’s studio, and have been sharing what they can with fans.

Dr Disrespect, real name Guy Beahm, who previously worked as a level designer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with Sledgehammer Games, has also seen more of them game, and while remaining coy, has shared his opinion on what he’s seen so far.

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Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare is said to have a “controversial” campaign.

Discussing all the new games shown at E3 2019 so far, Dr Disrespect mentioned Modern Warfare as possibly his second most anticipated title, after Cyberpunk 2077.

“I can’t go into details, but I’ll just say this,” the Doc begins – clearly wary of the NDA he has no doubt signed – “Everything sort of seems to line up with where you really want Call of Duty to go.”

“From what I was shown, from the limited time of hands-on stuff that I’ve had, it’s kind of the direction you want – well, I don’t know if direction is the right word.” He continued: “It doesn’t feel like the previous Call of Duty’s, let’s just say that. It’s going in a direction you were hoping it would go to.”

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Fearing he may have already said too much, he cut himself off, allowing the developers themselves to do the talking.

Moments later, the Doc received a ‘call’ from Activision, on his classic flip-phone.

Modern Warfare’s improved engine

The headline story so far with Infinity Ward’s new Call of Duty is the massively improved engine, which is complimenting the creative team’s vision to make the most “photorealistic CoD ever”.

The newly-revamped engine could also impact the ‘feel’ of the gunplay, movement and mechanics, although players will need to get hands-on themselves to make that judgement.

Many of the YouTubers who got early looks at the new game also confirmed that it was gritty and brutal, inspired by the infamous ‘No Russian’ mission from MW2. Infinity Ward even reported play-testers crying as they played the campaign.

More will be shown at E3 and over the coming months leading up to the October 25 release date, as the hype train begins to pick up speed for the first Modern Warfare game in eight years.