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Dr DisRespect has hilarious reaction to spectacular kill in Black Ops 4

Published: 24/Nov/2018 0:32 Updated: 24/Nov/2018 0:41

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect managed to pull off an insane kill during a game of Black Ops 4 on November 23 – and his reaction was priceless.

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The 1993/1994 Blockbuster Champion has been playing a ton of Blackout since Black Ops 4 released on October 12 and he’s been pulling off incredible plays ever since. 

During a solos match on November 23, The Doc managed to nail a crouching opponent in the grass a sizeable distance away from him, getting a headshot with a single flick of his sniper scope.

In keeping with his bombastic personality, the Doc appeared to be very pleased with his skill, falling backward in his chair in feigned shock.


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He then shook his head and smiled before answering a fake phone call from the press, apparently asking to use a clip of his kill from his stream.

“It’s the two-time,” he said as he picked up the phone, referencing his celebrated status as the “two-time, back-to-back, Blockbuster video game champion.”

“Yeah, if you wanna use it, you can,” he continued. “Use that clip – just make sure I’m on the front page. See you on the red carpet.”

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While the Doc’s kill was impressive, it is far from his most memorable moment in Black Ops 4; the two-time champion also saw a particularly vulgar stream sniper infiltrate his lobby during a stream on November 22, who shouted multiple expletives for his audience to hear.


Although he made sure to leave the lobby, the player sniper remained in his in-game party, prompting the Doc to manually kick the stream sniper after blocking and reporting them.

Despite this debacle, he appears to be thoroughly enjoying the game – especially in comparison to Fortnite, which he claimed he deleted from his PC in a Tweet on November 22.