Dr Disrespect explains why Warzone’s Roze skin affects controller players less

Jacob Hale
Dr Disrespect says Warzone controller players have it easier against Roze skin

The Roze skin has been arguably one of the most complained-about features in Warzone, with the all-black cosmetic incredibly hard to see in some of the darker areas of Verdansk. But Dr Disrespect thinks controller players have it slightly easier.

While annoying glitches, overpowered guns and faulty contracts have often been a source of frustration for Warzone players, the Roze skin issue never seems to have died down.

While there were some major changes to the lighting of the map with the Season 3 launch, with adjustments made to make the Roze skin, and other black ones, easier to see, the issue still persists.

While playing on PC or mouse and keyboard brings a number of advantages to Warzone players, the Doc and fellow streamer Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane don’t think dealing with Roze skins is one of them.

Warzone Roze skin team
The Roze skin can be seriously hard to see in some parts of Verdansk.

While playing in the Atlanta FaZe $100k Gold Rush tournament, the Doc and ZLaner were taken out in Superstore by a player using the Roze skin, who was hard to find and almost perfectly blending in with the dark shadows of the store.

Saying that the enemy player “disappeared on him,” the Two-Time says: “I have no excuse other than I can’t track a shadow that blends in with a shadow, I just can’t on a mouse and keyboard.

“Maybe on a controller, let that aim assist kind of lock on for you and you just close your eyes… but mouse and keyboard, if I lose them, it’s hard to recover.”

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While the aim assist debate will likely rage on as long as gaming exists, ZLaner agrees that controller players do have the advantage in this scenario.

“It’s one thing aim assist has a massive advantage with, especially in this game,” ZLaner says. “You use this skin I’m using now, you hide in a shadow and you’re untraceable. If you’re on controller, you still get aim assist, so you can at least play off that.”

Obviously, there’s huge debate over mouse and keyboard vs controller, but at least on this topic, it definitely makes sense that players might be able to get a bitter grip on those pesky Roze players thanks to aim assist.