Dr Disrespect slams “disappointing” Verdansk 84 map in Warzone Season 3

Dr Disrespect Warzone 84 Verdansk MapTwitter: Dr Disrespect / Activision

Dr Disrespect has slammed Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk 84 map, calling it “disappointing” compared to a completely new map, which he feels like the game desperately needed.

The Doc isn’t the biggest fan of Warzone Season 3. His first impression of the update and map changes wasn’t great, and the more he played it, the less he enjoyed it.

It reached the point where he announced he is planning to take a break from the game sometime soon, labeling it a “bland experience.”

Some fans hoped his opinion might change. However, he doubled down once again in a recent stream, calling the map a “disappointment” and telling fans he’s dying for a new AAA game to be announced so he can finally move on.

Dr Disrespect with a background photo of Dr Disrespect on YouTubeYouTube: Dr Disrespect
It seems like Dr Disrespect’s patience for Call of Duty: Warzone is wearing thin.

“Another year of Call of Duty: Warzone. Same f**king map,” he said.

“We needed a whole new designed map. The changes are cool, but we wanted a completely new map and new field. I think that was pretty disappointing.”

The Doc is no stranger to map design, having helped design one for Rogue Company and offering to do one for Valorant using his prior experience as a CoD level designer.

He believes there has been “plenty of time” for the Warzone developers “to have a map put out.” Now, he wants to “desperately” play something else.

“We need a new announcement desperately. We need Battlefield bad. We need Halo: Infinite bad…. We need need more games from the AAA industry.”

Dr Disrespect hasn’t ‘officially’ called it quits yet. However, his dissatisfaction with the game continues to grow. So, it seems like he will stay true to his word and take a break after the next tournament.

It begs the question: what will he play next? If his recent comments on Apex Legends are anything to go by, it could be the frontrunner. We’ll have to wait and see.