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Did Dr Disrespect potentially reveal Warzone’s release date?

Published: 4/Mar/2020 2:03 Updated: 4/Mar/2020 13:58

by Brad Norton


Dr Disrespect might have just accidentally hinted at when Call of Duty fans can expect to dive into Warzone in Modern Warfare.

While discussing his recent feud with WWE legend The Undertaker, Doc commented on how he got away from the latest “scuffle” thanks to a trusty wing-suit.

As the conversation went on during his March 3 broadcast however, the Two-Time might have accidentally let slip a potential hint as to when Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode could be released.

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There’s no official confirmation on when Warzone might be released, but Doc could have let a hint slip in his latest stream.

Waiting for Apex Legends to finish downloading after he uninstalled Respawn’s battle royale title in a heated rage, Doc was chatting with fellow Twitch streamer Jesse ‘Kraftyy’ Kraft. Bringing up his “new rival” in The Undertaker, Krafty laughed at Doc’s latest on-stream antics.

“ The wingsuit though… the wingsuit got me. It was unexpected. I didn’t expect the wingsuit, it’s been a while since you’ve pulled out the old wingsuit,” the Apex star asked the Doc. [Was the last time] Blackout?”

“I might bust it out next week,” Doc quickly replied. “Just don’t forget this conversation gentlemen. Next week you’re going to see the wingsuit.”

Immediately after his intriguing statement, Twitch chat erupted with Warzone questions, seeming to believe that Doc was teasing the next iteration of battle royale in the Call of Duty franchise.

No, it’s not Warzone, no it’s not confirmed, Jesus. That’s not what I’m saying, I didn’t mean that,” he said in response to his chat, though he may have been backpedaling after his fans figured out his Warzone clue so quickly.

Treyarch’s popular Blackout mode was a mainstay in Doc’s Triple Threat challenge for quite some time, for there’s a chance he may have just been teasing a return to the old stomping grounds after some time away on other titles.

There’s also a possibility that he was simply teasing another segment in his clash with WWE’s deadman, one that would see the Doc pulling out the wingsuit once again to continue the epic crossover saga between the two.

Infinity Ward
Could we be seeing the Two-Time take on Warzone next week?

With plenty of leaks pointing towards an imminent release, and content creators having seemingly tested the new mode, Doc’s phrasing could have accidentally revealed which battle royale title he’ll be diving into next week.

While we wait to see if the Doc is right, get caught up to speed with this handy guide on everything we know about Modern Warfare’s upcoming battle royale Warzone.

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Dr Disrespect calls out Activision & Warzone tourney admins for hacker drama

Published: 23/Jan/2021 0:41

by Theo Salaun


Following scandal over a disqualified cheater in a Warzone tournament, Dr Disrespect is calling out Activision’s lack of an anti-cheat and Twitch Rivals’ lack of a formal process for investigating hacks.

In hours of drama that rocked the competitive Call of Duty: Warzone community, a smaller streamer, ‘Metzy_B,’ was accused of cheating during the $250K Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl tournament. Prior to the final match of the event, his team was disqualified by tournament admins and stripped of any chance at tournament earnings.

Twitch Rivals have remained relatively quiet on the issue, practically ignoring it during the broadcast and offering up a minimally worded explanation over Twitter. In their explanation, the admins simply explained that Metzy “was ruled to be cheating” and subsequently “removed from the event.”

With that lack of transparency, rumors and accusations flew. Former Call of Duty League pro, one of the highest Warzone earners currently, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren spent hours interrogating the accused and having a friend take control of Metzy’s PC to dive through his logs for any proof of hacks. This all leads to Dr Disrespect asserting that, with or without an Activision anti-cheat, tournament organizers need to do better.

As shared by ‘WickedGoodGames,’ the Two-Time has a clear perspective on this issue. If the developers can’t institute an effective anti-cheat, then every single tournament must “define a process in finding out if he is [cheating] or not … obviously outside of the whole Call of Duty not having an anti-cheat kind of software built in.”

The drama was obviously divisive, as most participants in the tournament believed Metzy (and others) to be cheating, while others weren’t so sure. With no one knowing precisely how Twitch handled the situation, the community was left to investigate themselves.

As Dr Disrespect has heard, the “purple snakes” disqualified Metzy based on “a couple suspicious clips” and without asking to check his computer. This is echoed by the accused himself, who has since commended Tommey for trying to figure out what the admins had failed to.

That account goes directly against others, as fellow competitor BobbyPoff reacted by alleging that Metzy was, in fact, originally reluctant to display his task manager logs.

While the truth may be impossible to find at this point, as Twitch Rivals have given no explanation of their process and any number of files could have been deleted by the time Tommey got access, Dr Disrespect’s point is proven by the drama.

If Activision can’t deliver a functioning anti-cheat and tournament organizers don’t have a strict, transparent policy for hackers — then community infighting over a “grey area” is unavoidable.