Leaked Warzone battle royale animations for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Call of Duty YouTuber IceManIsaac has uncovered a set of animations and executions which are believed to be intended for the rumored battle royale mode, Warzone, coming to Modern Warfare.

When Season Two of Modern Warfare launched on February 11, a mysterious new ‘classified’ mode was placed in the main menu, with a teaser trailer all but confirming a battle royale was coming.

Since then, there’s been no official word from Infinity Ward, leaving players guessing about what’s coming, and searching for any leaks and speculation about the mode and its potential release date.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Warzone
Infinity Ward
There’s still no official announcement about the Modern Warfare battle royale.

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Thanks to IceManIsaac, we have a first look at what will probably be used in the battle royale for downed players, when they are in a state to be revived by teammates.

Like other battle royales, when knocked down, the character is incredibly vulnerable, with limited movement and no way to defend themselves – other than punching with their fists.

The animations found also include specific executions to be performed on opponents in this knocked state, which are also almost certainly for the battle royale mode.

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Each operator has their own individual executions, with more presumably to come through the battle pass and packs in the store.

Some of the execution animations are truly brutal, with neck-breaks, knives, and even an axe. Perhaps the most brutal are those carried out without any weapons at all, as operators such as Minotaur and Rodion demonstrate.

When is Warzone battle royale coming out?

As for when we’ll get to see these nasty animations actually in-game properly, the rumored release dates are either March 3 or March 10. A so far reliable leaker has stated that the likely release date is the later March 10.

There was speculation that it would be officially revealed at PAX East, but so far there has been no word from the event.

Even without an official announcement, we have a wealth of information about the battle royale mode already, some of it confirmed, some of it leaked, and some purely speculative. Check out everything we know about Warzone here.

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