Dallas Call of Duty announce Clayster as first signing

Dallas’ Call of Duty franchise have unveiled their first player in franchising as former eUnited star James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks.

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Competitive Call of Duty is undergoing a huge shift as it moves to franchise ahead of the Modern Warfare season. 12 franchises spanning 11 cities across the United States and Canada have been founded, replacing the huge brands of yesteryear in Call of Duty. 

As a result, players have had the opportunity to sign with whoever they want – provided that they aren’t retained by a team that has a franchise spot. One such team, Dallas – which is backed by Team Envy  – has begun to make their moves, starting off with a huge splash. 

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The legendary CoD pro will represent Dallas.

The team has announced that Clayster will be their first signing ahead of the inaugural season. The former eUnited Rifler has won 2 World Championships throughout his storied career and will give Dallas plenty of firepower. 

“Success is an all-in thing,” Clay said in his announcement video as he looks to cement his legacy with Dallas. “… Everybody has to buy in, everybody has to do their part.”

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Teams in the Call of Duty league will be able to sign up to 10 players for their roster, with the 5v5 system that was brought in during the Black Ops 4 holding over into franchising. 

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As has already been announced, teams will be able to substitute players in during their matches – similar to how the Overwatch League works – so, rosters could differ based on respawn game modes and for Search and Destroy.

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Who else will join Clayster on the Dallas roster remains to be seen, as the team will announce a player every day until Saturday, October 19, where they will then reveal their branding for the new league.