Crimsix responds to rumors that OpTic CoD players will be sold “one by one”


Call of Duty roster would be sold individually, addressing the speculation in a live stream.

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The two-time Call of Duty World Champion, Crimsix has been a core member of OpTic Gaming and has won multiple championships with the organization since the start of the Advanced Warfare competitive season.

With rumors that OpTic Gaming may be coming to end, despite H3CZ’ best efforts to retain the brand during the sale of Infinite Esports and Entertainment, there were reports, originating from the CoD Burner, that the OpTic Call of Duty roster was going to be sold individually to the highest bidder ahead of the franchise league.

MLGOpTic Gaming has been the biggest name in competitive Call of Duty for years.
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OpTic Crimsix addressed these rumors in a recent Twitch stream, explaining how he was never told directly or heard talks within the organization that the players would have been sold individually, “Not once have I ever heard of any talks about that.”

Crimsix followed up by saying that these rumors, which were shared by the CoD burner, were all new to him and after talking with some people within the organization, he found out that the rumors were in fact inaccurate, saying, ”To me that’s new, after I talked to some people, it’s not true.”

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The world champion then explained that the people he was talking to within the OpTic organization were also unsure of what was going on and claimed that the rumors were started by someone in order to divide to current team.

 “The person who said it has an agenda or something that they want to happen […] whoever that person is, somehow wants to get us, by creating drama or paranoia in our team,” he said.

The future of the OpTic Call of Duty team is still up in the air, and with reports that Immortals are close to buying OpTic Gaming’s parent company, Infinite Esports, many fans are worried that this may be the last year OpTic Gaming brand will be seen within esports.

Crimsix and the rest of the OpTic CoD roster still remain positive, however, showing their support for H3CZ’ efforts to save OpTic Gaming in any way they can, across their social media channels.