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Call of Duty • Jun 01, 2019

Will Modern Warfare multiplayer be revealed at E3? Call of Duty at E3 2019

Will Modern Warfare multiplayer be revealed at E3? Call of Duty at E3 2019

It has been confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be at E3 2019, but what does that mean for details about Multiplayer?


The long-awaited announcement about Call of Duty’s 2019 title finally came on May 30, officially revealing that fans will be getting their hands on Modern Warfare on October 25.

The majority of the details from the initial reveal focused solely on the campaign aspect of the upcoming title - giving fans a few nostalgic hints. However, with any CoD game, fans want every detail possible about Multiplayer but will they come at E3? Here’s everything we know so far.


Infinity Ward / Activision
The iconic Modern Warfare series will make it's long-awaited return.

What will Call of Duty show at E3?

Back on May 17, it was confirmed that neither Activision or Infinity Ward would have a booth or stage show at E3. Despite that, Activision teased that they would have a presence, in some way, at the event. With Sony, who holds the marketing rights to the Call of Duty series, also opting against a show things seemed bleak.

However, since the announcement of Modern Warfare, it has been announced that Infinity Ward will be hosting a Coliseum Panel at E3 on June 11 at 6 PM Eastern, 11 PM BST, 3 PM Pacific, and 8 AM AEST

The layout for Call of Duty's panel at E3.


What will they be talking about?

Nothing has been confirmed for exactly what Infinity Ward will discuss at E3. The description for the panel is pretty vague and states: “Join the Infinity Ward team for a panel discussing the next installment of the critically-acclaimed Call of Duty Franchise.”

That could, quite literally, mean anything. However, Taylor Kurosaki, the Studio Narrative Director at Infinity Ward, has confirmed that he will be there - alongside two other members of the IW team. His appearance would likely mean a focus on campaign details.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal at E3?

At this point, it’s unlikely that anything significant regarding Multiplayer will be revealed - but, that’s not to say that they won’t hint at anything. Questions about the online portion of the game will undoubtedly be asked and, as ever with E3, there may be a few surprise answers.

Despite that, more details about the single-player aspect of the title should lead to a better background of the overall setting - so fans might be able to draw their own conclusions from that.

So far, Activision as described the multiplayer part of the game as the "ultimate online playground", and that's all we know for now.

The panel will be streamed live the official E3 Facebook page and might possibly be able on Twitch and YouTube at the same time.

This post will be updated with any new details about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s E3 appearance as and when they become available.

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