Crimsix humiliates ex-OpTic teammates in Modern Warfare video

Dallas Empire CoD pro, Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, has fired a cheeky shot at his ex OpTic teammates, following an incredibly one-sided scrim which saw the Dallas squad 20-point-club his old allies. 

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Despite a turbulent last couple of years, Crimsix was ever-present on the OpTic Gaming roster, leading the team to a tournament win in Black Ops 4 with the new roster. Their incredibly exciting squad never quite capitalized on their potential however, finishing a disappointing third at the final CWL Champs

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This then saw the roster split almost entirely. Karma jetted off to the west coast to play for Seattle, Scump followed H3CZ to Chicago and the Crimbot stayed in Texas to represent Dallas. TJHaLy and Dashy stuck together as they went to the Los Angeles spot acquired by OpTic

OpTic GamingOpTic Gaming’s Black Ops 4 roster, with coach Teepee.
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Scrims are underway in Modern Warfare now, with the newly formed franchises pitting their wits against one another. Early (and unofficial) Modern Warfare scrim records suggest Dallas and Chicago are off to the strongest starts, with Toronto and both LA franchises struggling. 

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Crimsix’ latest YouTube upload certainly seems to confirm that OpTic Gaming Los Angeles are struggling to find some early form. 

Despite boasting a powerhouse lineup of Dashy, TJHaLy, Slasher, Kenny and JKap, the OpTic LA roster were dispatched by Dallas in one hardpoint match, losing by a whopping 231 points. This was chronicled in a November 9 YouTube upload from Crimsix, entitled ‘OpTic join the first-ever Modern Warfare 20 point club’

Fans will immediately take notice of the thumbnail for the video, which shows Crim’s two former teammates, accompanied by the veteran player flipping them off. 

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The Hackney Yard hardpoint starts as it means to go on, with Dallas flying out to 100 points, without OpTic registering a single point in reply. 

In the latter parts of the match, when it is clear Dallas are going to steamroll their opponents, a number of the Texan roster’s players can be heard vocalizing their shock at how poor their opponents are. 

The final scoreboard reflects the level of the beating OpTic just took – with only Dashy getting into double-figures for kills. The rest of his team combines for a meagre 30 kills. 

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YouTube: CrimsixOpTic’s scorecard leaves a lot to be desired.
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Crimsix and his teammates can be heard laughing at the poor performance LA just put on. 

However, despite LA OpTic struggling in their early scrims on Modern Warfare, the roster led by Dashy should not be written off. 

They boast an incredible lineup, consisting of both veterans and three of the best young prospects in competitive CoD. LA OpTic are likely just experiencing some teething issues on Infinity Ward’s new title; teething issues Dallas Empire don’t seem to be afflicted with. 

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