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Crazy Call of Duty: Warzone glitch is making the Gulag disappear

Published: 25/May/2020 10:56

by Jacob Hale


A crazy glitch has been making the Gulag even harder for Call of Duty: Warzone players, with the Gulag itself completely disappearing and making it almost impossible to navigate.

The Gulag can be a daunting place for players, with their battle royale lives depending on their survival in the 1v1 chamber, but this doesn’t do much to help matters.

While players have called for a multitude of changes to the way the Gulag works – including changing the possible loadouts or removing certain aspects of the mini-game style matchup – not many anticipated this to be an issue.

It’s not clear yet whether this glitch affected only the player in question or everybody in the Gulag at the time.

This glitch, though, is just about the last thing you want after being shipped out of the main part of the map, and is no doubt causing players to lose games on several occasions.


As you can see in the clip below, something looks slightly off about the Gulag at first but, when TheWobblyGamer runs out off spawn to the centre of the map, you realize the true magnitude of how bad the glitch is.

While at first the showers just looked a lot darker than usual, it quickly becomes clear that they’re actually just invisible, hidden in a pitch black setting, with the opposing player bizarrely outlined in solid gold .

What makes it stranger is that the actual walls and parts of the Gulag are still there, hence why the two players couldn’t simply shoot each other across the map, but you just had to use muscle memory and map knowledge to get the kill. Infinity Ward Communications Manager Ashton Williams responded to the tweet, saying that it had been sent to the right teams to take a look.


It’s not yet clear exactly what is causing this to happen in the Gulag, but there will no doubt be a number of angry players whose hopes of capturing another victory in Verdansk have been scarpered by this frustrating and truly bizarre glitch.

That said, since it appears the devs are now well aware of the issue, it hopefully should be fixed sooner rather than later.