Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten world record attempt ruined again by power outage

Waves of undead people swarm a city.Activision

It’s brutal enough for one world record attempt to be ruined. Twice in the span of a week is just plain unlucky, but that cruel fate fell on one player trying to break the Mauer Der Toten record. 

For years, Call of Duty: Zombies players have been trying to one-up each other with their round totals and kills on new maps.

Of course, it’s a pretty time-consuming process, and one slip-up could ruin hours, days, and even weeks of work.

YouTuber and streamer Cerealnac must be feeling pretty frustrated, as multiple power outages have caused him devastating conclusions on the latest Zombies map, Mauer Der Toten. Will a third attempt be made? Or will Cerealnac suffer the same fate? 

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King Of The World, Briefly

Currently, in terms of high rounds, the world record for Mauer Der Toten stands at 848. Achieved by streamer TheOfficialKHF, the masterful feat was the result of long hours and a patient strategy. Using the blistering powerful Wonder Weapon, the CRB-S, the streamer took to the claustrophobic underground portions of the map to skilfully run a train on the incoming waves of undead.

After 102 hours had passed, TheOfficialKHF was overwhelmed by the immense amount of enemies swarming the map. 

For Cerealnac it is a true shame, as his attempts probably won’t have been recorded officially by the in-game leaderboards. After cracking round 325 earlier in the same week, the YouTuber was able to crack round 769 before encountering a second game-ending power outage. Since his stream on July 30, he has been radio silent. If this is a common occurrence for him, it might be a while before a third attempt is considered.  

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Mauer Der Toten is the third map to be released for Black Ops Cold War. Successfully launching with the Nacht Der Untoten soft reboot, Die Maschine, the Zombies fanbase has responded well to Treyarch’s continuation of the beloved game mode.

The sprawling open-world style mode Outbreak has brought in a new audience, by enticing them with difficult yet rewarding objectives and colossal boss fights.