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Cold War Zombies glitch turns Orda into pro skater

Published: 6/Aug/2021 16:15 Updated: 6/Aug/2021 16:17

by Sam Comrie


A squad of Cold War Zombies players got more than they bargained for when they squared up against a mighty Orda. Unbeknown to them, this boss was eager to showcase their hidden talent. 

Sending players into fits of panic since launching on Firebase Z, the Orda boss is a sweat-inducing tower of evil. Normally appearing at Round 30 onwards, this newly introduced enemy type is a certified bullet sponge.

It’ll take all your ammo reserves and wonder weapons to knock an Orda out for the count. 

For Reddit user Jacob2point7, their encounter with one of CoD Zombies’ most powerful foes took a different turn. 


What’s that coming over the hill? Is it an Orda?

Call of Duty Pro Skater crossover? We want to see it

Taking the forests of Ruda, this squad was in for quite a ride. Among the increasing waves of dead souls looking for another meal, an Orda had decided to make their lives a living hell. However, this particular Orda had decided to channel their favourite sport from the Tokyo Olympic Games. No deck was required here, as Jacob2point7’s teammate provided this aspiring athlete the tools for success. 

Swooping in the sea of the undead with their trusty 4×4 steed, a moment of pure magic unfolded. Transcending the realms of crossover heaven, the Call of Duty / Pro Skater crossover we didn’t know we needed was born. Ripping up the pavilions with a freestyle flow that would make Rodney Mullen blush, this Orda had just reinvented what we know about modern skateboarding. 


Skateboarding Orda from CODZombies

Backed by utterly hilarious comms from his team, this excellent clip is a pure, genuine example of the fun that the Zombies community has enjoyed since the now iconic game mode’s creation.

Next week, Cold War Zombies will receive new life in the form of the Season 5 update patch. Bringing along new perks, weapons and objectives, the ever thriving Zombies community will have plenty of content to dive into.