CoD Zombies gets new map Mauer Der Toten in July update: what we know

Cold War Zombies Mauer Der TotenActivision

A new Zombies map is fast approaching as Treyarch has confirmed early details surrounding Mauer Der Toten, the next chapter in Black Ops Cold War’s Dark Aether story. From a release date to new Wonder Weapons, here’s everything we know.

As the Dark Aether narrative continues to evolve, Treyarch has confirmed that a brand new map is on the horizon for Cold War’s Zombies. Rather than adding to the ever-growing Outbreak, this map is a return to the classic structure.

Mauer Der Toten will be the latest round-based map in the popular Zombies mode. While details are scarce for now, we do have some early intel to go off.

Here’s everything you need to know about Mauer Der Toten ahead of its release.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak gameplayActivision
Call of Duty Zombies is getting a new map in Black Ops Cold War’s next July update.

Mauer Der Toten release date & time

Mauer Der Toten arrives in the free Season 4 Reloaded update at 9PM PT July 14 | 12AM ET July 15.

As soon as the midseason patch is installed, players will be able to jump right into the new Zombies map.

For those eagerly awaiting the new Main Quest hunt, you won’t have to wait long. The latest race kicks off at 10AM PT | 1PM ET on July 15.

Mauer Der TotenActivision
Mauer Der Toten arrives as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update.

Mauer Der Toten gameplay trailer

Ahead of Mauer Der Toten’s release, a full gameplay trailer arrived on July 8. This two-minute preview gave us our first look at official gameplay.

From clips of new enemies and locations to entirely new weapons, it showed exactly how the new map will play out.

Mauer Der Toten Wonder Weapons

LT53 Kazimir

With the next Zombies map comes all-new Wonder Weapons. With Mauer Der Toten, it appears as though multiple new guns are on the way.

A series of Blueprints revealed on July 6 teased a range of new items that could be scattered around the map.

First up, the LT53 Kazimir blueprint teased a new portal device. Later confirmed in the gameplay trailer, players are able to use this craftable weapon to teleport around the map and even send enemies into the Dark Aether.

Mauer Der Toten weapons 1Activision
The first new craftable weapon is the LT53 Kazimir portal device.

CRBR-S Wonder Weapon

Next is a rather unique weapon that can take on multiple forms. The Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater – Standard (CRBR-S for short), seems to start out as a fully automatic handgun. Upon upgrading the new weapon, however, various boosts can take hold. 

One form looks to convert the gun into more of a burst weapon, while another redesigns it in the shape of a sniper. All the while, a ‘copycat companion sphere’ is set to provide ‘synchronized support fire.’

We’ll have to wait and see just how these weapons can be acquired.

Mauer Der Toten weapons Activision
The next Wonder Weapon can take on many forms.

Mauer Der Toten Perks

Last but not least, Mauer Der Toten appears to be returning a classic Zombies perk, one that hasn’t been seen in three years.

In a July 4 celebration tweet, Treyarch told fans to “crack open a cold one this holiday weekend.” Alongside the caption was an image of the Mule Kick soda can. This fan-favorite perk was last available in Black Ops 4 but could be set for a return in Mauer Der Toten.

Mule Kick allowed players to carry three weapons at once. With a full team kitted out, this meant everyone could be prepared for all situations. There’s no telling how much it might cost in Cold War, but rest assured it’ll be an insta-pick throughout most runs. Treyarch has also confirmed the returning perk will have five additional Skill Tier upgrades.

Season 4 Reloaded Zombies meta update

While Mauer Der Toten is the highlight for Season 4 Reloaded, the upcoming patch will also bring a major balance pass to the Zombies experience. From health changes to weapon buffs and nerfs, there’s plenty to look forward to.

One key change is the introduction of ‘Dynamic Wall Buys.’ With this addition, weapons bought on walls around any given map have a chance to increase in rarity after every fifth round. Technically, this means you could start with a default gun and advance it through to Legendary just by progressing through the rounds.

Below is a full list of all balance adjustments on the way to Cold War’s Zombies experience.

  • Reduced enemy health caps:
    • Zombies: Reduced to +100% at high rounds (down from +300%)
    • Specials: Reduced to +50% at high rounds (down from +100%)
    • Elites: Reduced to +25% at high rounds (down from +100%)
    • HVTs: Reduced to +10% at high rounds (down from +100%)
  • Reduced health of armor for Medium and Heavy zombies by 30%.
  • Buffed sniper rifle critical damage multipliers, stock ammo, and max damage.
  • Buffed melee weapon Pack-a-Punch and triple Pack-a-Punch damage multipliers.
  • Equipment, Support, and Field Upgrades (Frost Blast and Energy Mine) will scale their damage evenly with this update. Equipment and Support will now be much more consistent in their ability to kill enemies, and Lethal Equipment and ground-based Support will see an increase in damage in many instances.

So there you have it, everything we know ahead of Mauer Der Toten’s release. We’ll keep you updated here with any further teasers in the days to come.