CoD leaker claims fan-favorite Black Ops 2 maps coming in Cold War Season 5

Cold War Call of DutyTreyarch/Activision

A Call of Duty leaker has revealed that Treyarch has plans to add two fan-favorite Black Ops 2 maps to Cold War in Season 5.

Black Ops Cold Season 4 brought a variety of new content to the game and had a huge impact on the meta. Whether it was the addition of the Hijacked & Collateral maps or the arrival of the Nail Gun and the MG82, Treyarch certainly didn’t disappoint in the major update.

Despite this, Call of Duty fans has already shifted their attention to Season 5, speculating on what the developers have in store for them next.

While players will always appreciate completely original content, new features inspired by previous CoD titles never fail to get the community excited.

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Well, according to a reliable Call of Duty leaker, Cold War players can expect a throwback to Black Ops 2 in the Season 5 update.

Plaza Black Ops 2 Cold WarTreyarch/Activision
Plaza and Yemen are the maps rumored to be coming in Season 5.

CoD leaker hints Bo2 maps are arriving in Cold War Season 5

Very little is known of Treyarch’s plans for Cold War Season 5, but a leaker may have just revealed a huge feature scheduled for the major update.

According to @TheMW2Ghost, the developers are planning on remastering Black Ops 2’s Yemen and Plaza.

These maps were hugely popular back in 2012 and would certainly be welcomed by the Cold War community.

“Should be seeing Yemen and/or Plaza for Season 5”.

Although both Plaza and Yemen were fan-favorites back in the B02 days, the leak has spurred fans to ask why other iconic maps were not chosen instead.

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Even the TheMW2Ghost has called for Launch and Radiation to be added to Cold War, with other fans begging Treyarch to make room for Firing Range.

It’s worth noting that this leak should be taken with a pinch of salt and Treyarch’s plans could always change before the release of Season 5.

While Yemen and Plaza isn’t everyone’s number one choice for a remaster, they’ll certainly be great additions to Cold War’s map pool.

All we can do for now is wait for the major update to drop and hope the devs nail the maps, giving fans the nostalgia trip they’ve been waiting for.

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