CoD Vanguard leaks hint at London Docks remake along with more classic maps

Brad Norton
CoD Vanguard London Docks

New leaks surrounding Call of Duty’s 2021 release, reportedly titled Vanguard, have hinted at the return of WWII’s London Docks, along with other classic multiplayer maps. 

While we’re already halfway through the year, Activision is yet to officially confirm any details regarding the next CoD title. Despite their silence, leaks have continued to slip through the cracks in recent months.

From the alleged WWII setting to a whole set of new features on the way for an eventual Warzone integration, we already have a decent understanding of what’s on the way.

Now, further leaks have spilled out revealing some classic maps that are reportedly in the works for this year’s release. Among the returning locales is none other than London Docks, according to prominent CoD insider ‘TheMW2Ghost.’

London Docks was introduced in 2017’s WWII and hasn’t been seen since. The popular map quickly became a staple in the competitive scene, standing out as one of the most efficient maps for object-based modes.

From Hardpoint to Capture the Flag, it was a fan-favorite throughout the WWII cycle and now appears to be on its way back in 2021’s Vanguard. However, there’s a chance it might not be included at release.

As we recently learned, Vanguard is expected to launch with eight maps on day one. London Docks could be added later down the track in the first two seasons, according to the leaker.

There’s no telling whether this will be a complete visual rework akin to various CoD map returns, or just a simpler port to the new title. Regardless, it’s clear that the trend of bringing classic maps back into the mix isn’t going away anytime soon.

CoD WWII London Docks
London Docks is widely regarded as one of WWII’s best CoD maps.

Moreover, ThemMW2Ghost also touched on additional maps in the pipeline.

While no specifics were mentioned, they hinted a “WWII version of a fan-favorite map from a very iconic CoD game” is on the way. Possibilities are wide open in that regard, but let’s just hope it’s not a WWII reimagining of Nuketown.

That would mark the 14th Nuketown remake in CoD history.