CoD Pro Censor Wins Court Case After Suing Company For Scamming Him $14,000

Calum Patterson

CompLexity Gaming player Doug “Censor” Martin sued contractors over work not completed at his Long Island home, claiming to be scammed out of $14,000.

Censor recently moved into his first ever ‘dream’ home and had installed a ‘jet tub’ as a gift for his girlfriend, Yanet Garcia, but the new renovation led to the discovery of a  major flood in the basement.

After being told that a pipe which carried the sewage waste for the entire home had burst and needed to be replaced, he was initially quoted $10,625 for the work.

Censor eventually settled on paying another contractor $6,800, of which he paid half up front. But after returning from CWL Seattle expecting the work to be complete, Censor was told that it would require an extra $7,100 to complete the job, taking the total bill to $13,900.

The work that had been done at this point resulted in no fix, but left a large hole outside the property, prompting Censor to sue the company.

On June 26th, almost two months since posting his original video on the situation, Censor posted to Twitter saying the court date was to go ahead that same day.

Less than four hours later, Censor posted an update reporting he had won the case and presumably will be receiving damages for his losses.

Censor has said he will make a follow-up video to the case once the final judgment is sent in the mail, but you can watch his previous video explaining the situation on May 2nd below.

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