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CoD Mobile devs confirm Season 9 Conquest release date

Published: 14/Aug/2020 11:30

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile developers have confirmed the start date of Season 9: Conquest, and it’s actually not too far away. 

In the run-up to Season 9, Call of Duty Mobile fans have seen a slew of details come out about the new update despite the delayed start time.

Some of these details, like the World War 2 theme, the addition of the Marksman Rifle, and new maps like Shipment 1944, have been confirmed by the devs. Others, like the possible addition of Terminal, however, have been debunked despite fans getting excited about them. 


Despite all that, the start date for the new season has been up in the air. The devs have noted previously that it would be “coming soon” but now, they’ve been able to nail down a release date for their new content.

Shipment is coming to CoD Mobile in Season 9.

CoD Mobile Season 9 release time

The new date was announced on August 13 through the PlayCODMobile Twitter account after they confirmed the name of the new season would be Conquest.

“Season 9 date confirmed: 8/16 (UTC)!” the devs added. If the date doesn’t click for you right away, don’t worry, you’re not missing some magical 16th month on the calendar. The new CoD Mobile season will get underway on August 16. 


August 16 is a Sunday, which is a slight change in itself. Call of Duty Mobile updates have come, usually, during the week – with Friday being a regular spot for the major patches.

As for the time of the release, once it hits midnight and the calendar rolls over to midnight in the UTC timezone, the update will start rolling out the different app stores. That time is 1 am BST/5 pm PST/8 pm EDT/2 am CEST. 

It may take a few moments for the update to appear on your app store, but it shouldn’t take too long before it is completely rolled out and Call of Duty fans across the globe are diving into Season 9: Conquest.