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CoD leaker debunks theories over new Warzone map

Published: 4/May/2020 17:49

by Jacob Hale


A renowned Call of Duty leaker has debunked theories that Warzone will be getting a new map for Modern Warfare Season 4 after rife speculation that a leaked video suggested players will be moving away from Verdansk in the near future.

In the video, which is believed to be leaked from files under the name of “season 4,” the map of Verdansk pans out and slowly reveals Urzikstan on the map, with some believing that Verdansk was essentially going to get nuked and play switched to the newly-discovered location.

Now, though, it seems that may not be the case at all, and the footage may be completely unrelated to Warzone.


While players are still loving Verdansk, the idea of a new map was an exciting one, too.

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As explained in popular leaker TheGamingRevolution’s newest YouTube upload, the clip isn’t really a leaked file at all, and has been in the game the entire time – hidden within Special Ops.

The cutscene actually speaks about the spread of terrorists across Verdansk, who apparently intend on working their way across the land and taking Urzikstan, too.

As TGR explains, the Verdansk map has been in development for a year, as an amalgamation of every area of the Spec Ops maps and missions, so to nuke it after just a couple of months would be a surprise decision to say the least.


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TheGamingRevolution goes on to explain that he doesn’t expect a new map for quite a while – at least until the release of the next Call of Duty game in late 2020, where he suggests that Warzone might get a new, Cold War-themed map.

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Of course, there’s no way to tell when exactly Activision will drop Warzone players into new surroundings until they themselves announce it, but if you’ve got your hopes up for a new map in Season 4, you might want to lower your expectations.

Despite that, Infinity Ward did confirm that new areas of the map will be opening with Season 4, so be prepared for a slight map change, albeit not quite as drastic as an entirely new one.