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CoD commentator demonstrates how to take out a camping team in Blackout

Published: 25/Oct/2018 21:18 Updated: 25/Oct/2018 21:21

by Wyatt Donigan


Call of Duty commentator Ben ‘Benson’ Bowe showed off the best way to take out pesky campers while playing Blackout on his stream.

Camping is nothing new to Call of Duty as people have been hiding in corners and in bushes since the series first started 15 years ago.

With the release of Black Ops 4, the campers have taken things to a whole new level by hiding inside houses and barns in order to secure wins in Blackout, the game’s battle royale mode.

Benson ran into one such team of campers while playing Blackout and made it his personal mission to take the entire team out in the most amazing way possible.

After spotting the team hiding inside a barn towards the middle of the map, Benson hops in a helicopter to begin his operation.

He lands the helicopter on the roof of the barn where his prey is hiding and quickly downs two members of the team through the barn’s skylight before moving down to the main entrance to finish his assault.

“I’m the best Blackout player you’ve ever damn seen! Holy balls!” Benson yells after securing the final kill on the unsuspecting team.

For as great as Benson’s reaction to the team wipe is, the best part of the entire clip has to be watching the enemies run around in circles trying to figure out where they’re getting shot from.

Unfortunately, Benson wasn’t able to follow up the incredible sequence with a win, as he was the last remaining member of his squad and died shortly after.

The next time you’re hiding inside of a house while playing Blackout, watch out because Benson might just land a helicopter on the roof of the house and kill your whole squad.

Call of Duty

CoD Mobile devs explain why Overkill perk hasn’t been added yet

Published: 30/Oct/2020 13:26

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile devs have shed a little bit more light on why the Overkill perk hasn’t been added just yet despite being teased for a few seasons now.

With each new Call of Duty Mobile season, fans of the game are treated to a whole batch of new content, typically including a new weapon, new map, new skins, and a new character. 

Back in CoD Mobile Season 8, the Overkill perk was supposed to be added alongside Quick Fix and Shrapnel. Though the other two made it in, Overkill was left locked until being removed not too long ago. 

The removal of the perk, which has been a staple in other CoD titles, has had fans questioning whether the devs are getting rid of it entirely, and now, they’ve shed a little more light on what’s happened. 

Overkill perk in the CoD mobile create a class screen
Screenshot via CoD Mobile
Overkill was listed a perk for CoD Mobile but was never available.

Following their October 29 Community Update, where they revealed some additional content for Halloween, as well as going over bug fixes for the current season, the devs were quizzed on plenty of different topics – including Overkill. 

Players asked if it was still in the works and if they had any further info to add, given that players have been waiting quite a while to see it. “No, not yet. Still the same situation as before where we aren’t quite comfortable enough with weapon balance after the introduction of Gunsmith,”  the devs replied. 

Adding on to that, they continued: “We need weapon balance to be damn near perfect before we drop Overkill into the mix since that can have a huge effect on weapon balance as well.”

Given that the power of balancing is in the hands of the devs, there’s no telling as to when the mobile game will be balanced enough for Overkill to be introduced. 

Fans who have been waiting for the perk will be hoping that this day comes sooner rather than later, but, we’ll just have to wait and see.