Censor could be starting for the Subliners in their next CDL match

Isaac McIntyre
Doug 'Censor' Martin on YouTube.
YouTube: Subliners

Doug ‘Censor’ Martin could be set to make his Call of Duty League debut with the New York Subliners, after the last-placed team confirmed they were testing new roster combos ahead of the competition’s fifth event.

The Subliners have struggled to make their mark in the new franchise league so far. After an 0–2 start at the Launch Weekend in Minnesota, they collected 10 points for a sixth-place run in London, and finished last in Los Angeles.

With the CDL moving to an online format amidst the coronavirus crisis, the org is seizing the opportunity to test new roster tweaks. For Censor, who has been riding the pine since joining the team, it could lead to his CDL debut.

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The Subliners confirmed they were putting their roster under the microscope in a March 17 tweet. The org suggested that “given the current environment,” the team would be “adapting how [they] prepare the team for competition.”

“Moving forward, we’ll integrate our broader roster into training, including scrims, to ensure that all our players get experience playing together, giving us necessary flexibility,” New York’s official statement regarding their scrim plans continued.

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This move was confirmed to be taking place in the very next scrim block, after Subliners star Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda addressed the impending switch-up. According to the 2019 All-Star, the first change would be bringing Censor in.

Temp confirmed he would be jumping onto main AR, and Martin would load into the Subliners’ scrim against ladder-leaders Atlanta on SMG. Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi may be the player to make way. NY are also expected to scrim Dallas Empire.

“We’re scrimming tomorrow with our boy Doug [Censor]. I’m running the main brothers, main AR Don right here. Running the main versus MajorManiak tomorrow, gonna be a great time,” the CDL star said during his March 17 stream.

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Of course, Censor finally getting scrim time with the top team doesn’t necessarily mean he could automatically be promoted to the CDL starting lineup. With how the squad has fared so far, however, changes may be necessary.

The Subliners have been tweaking their roster slightly already too. Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris made way for Nick ‘Happy’ Suda for LA,  but that switch didn’t seem to change much. New York were bounced out in back-to-back 3–1 defeats.

The choice to boost Happy into the starting roster over Censor also seemed to spark a bit of tension within the roster ranks ⁠— Temp dubbed Censor “trash,” and Censor had to apologize for his dad’s tirade following a roster snub.

Twitter: Censor
Temp and Censor seem to have patched things up after they butted heads earlier this month.

Everything seems to be patched up behind-the-scenes between Censor and Temp though, considering the Subliners starter didn’t seem too fussed to be giving up his SMG spot for the former FaZe star in New York’s scrims.

Censor fans will still have to wait and see if their main man can prove himself against the league’s best, but it looks like he’s got one foot in the door ⁠— if he can prove he’s still got it, we could see him online during CDL Week 5.