CDL pro aBeZy wants MW2 Ranked to add feature from Valorant

Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2.Activision

Atlanta FaZe star aBeZy took a page from Valorant to address the Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play solo matchmaking issue.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play has been a resounding success story since its addition at the start of Season 2. The competitive game mode boosted player count numbers and strengthened the competitive CoD competitive community.

Treyarch took the lead on Ranked Play and received praise for making timely changes based on community and CDL team feedback. In just over a month, the developers have already banned weapons, removed attachment tuning, and added a new map.

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The developers also tweaked how solo matchmaking works, but aBeZy believes more drastic measures would improve the experience.

aBeZy suggests party restrictions for MW2 Ranked Play

cover art for Killjoy in Valorant update 6.03.Riot Games
Valorant restricts lobby sizes in Ranked Play.

Valorant uses a premade size cap in its competitive game mode, restricting four-play groups. The developers argued: “it tends to leave the remaining solo queue player on a team with a less-than-desirable experience.”

Players can queue in full five-player teams, but the squad receives a 25% reduction in skill points for winning matches and up to a 90% reduction based on player ranks. It also takes longer to find a match for full teams, as they will only be matched with other parties of five.

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aBeZy likes how Valorant competitive works and suggested that in MW2 Ranked Play: “You should only be able to duo queue once you hit crimson/iridescent, but if you want to 4-stack you can, but you have to play other 4 stacks and get less SR. Pretty much like Val.”

Two days after aBeZy called for action, Treyarch released a background update. The developers stated the update “improves the competitiveness of matches when solo players are put into games against parties.”

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Treyarch elaborated that the development team will continue to make adjustments in order to ensure “that both solo and party play are competitively viable.”

Unfortunately, the change is a background update, so fans don’t know for sure what exactly is different about matchmaking.