Modern Warfare 2 CDL rules update bans weapon tuning & underrated Ranked Play AR

MW2 Ranked Play image with MWII logoActivision

The newest Modern Warfare 2 CDL rules update has banned weapon tuning and a highly slept-on Ranked Play AR from pro play.

Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play system arrived with Season 2 back on February 15 and has been a smash hit.

Not only has it drawn praise from the pros for innovating on the standard Ranked experience, but streamers and casual players have also found a new love for the game thanks to the highly-cultivated experience.

The rules in Ranked Play weren’t directly in line with how the CDL players have been playing the game though, and so the newest rules update signs a few unwritten competitive rules into the law of the land.

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Modern Warfare 2 CDL update bans weapon tuning & Kastov 762

While the Ranked Play rules already restricted many of the game’s most overpowered weapons, there is one AR that managed to slip through the cracks. The Kastov 762 was one of the game’s easiest guns to use and it was a sleeper pick in Ranked Play.

Both the 762 and its cousin, the Kastov 545, are popular picks for the cheaters that have infested the playlist since launch. Their quick TTKs make them ideal picks for winning fights in a hurry, even if aiming them is a touch harder than the other options.

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This caused players who weren’t cheating to pick it up and try it out for themselves, and since the start of March, both weapons looked to be gaining ground on the Taq-56, which has been the preferred AR for the entire season.

Weapon Tuning was previously banned under a ‘gentleman’s agreement’, but it has now joined the ISO Hemlock, a laundry list of Killstreaks, and a ton of equipment over on the official list.

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These changes are not yet reflected in Ranked Play, but they’ll be added with the release of Season 2 Reloaded on March 15.