Call of Duty stats answer Warzone theory with scary aim assist trend

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Aim assist has become a hugely divisive topic in gaming, and that only got worse in recent years when crossplay became common across several of the most popular multiplayer games in the world. And the stats prove it’s become even stronger in Call of Duty in recent years.

The debate over the strength of aim assist became a fiery one when Fortnite first made crossplay a standard in gaming. Since then the discussion has seeped into just about every multiplayer game possible.

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This includes Warzone and the wider Call of Duty sphere, where top competitors, streamers and casual players alike are very firmly sat on either side of the fence.

But, as the debate raged online about aiming in Call of Duty, and whether it had actually become easier, the stats and figures started to come out, proving once and for all how aim assist has changed over the years.

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Aim assist range has significantly increased since Modern Warfare.

Pulling out data from previous XclusiveAce videos, Warzone expert JGOD listed the aim assist range for rifles in each of the previous six Call of Duty titles.

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While it doesn’t date back too far, only going back to 2015 release Black Ops 3, the stats definitely indicate that aim assist has become significantly more powerful in recent years. Here’s the aim assist range for rifles dating back to BO3:

  • BO3- 38m
  • IW- 31m
  • WW2- 37.5m
  • BO4- 37.5m
  • MW2019- Couldn’t Find a Range so Probably 200m
  • WZ- 200m
  • CW- 63m (SMGs)

While Vanguard isn’t included in the list, and the Modern Warfare 2019 numbers aren’t definite, it shows a huge leap after Black Ops 4.

In fact, Cold War SMG aim assist range was over double that of rifle ranges in Infinite Warfare, a truly stark contrast.

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While there may be other factors affecting this, such as map sizes, weapon power, and more, it shines a light on just how much aim assist has changed over the years. Will this end the debates around aim assist in Call of Duty, though? Probably not.

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