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Censor Explains Why He Chose Pro Call of Duty Over Girlfriend Yanet Garcia

Published: 22/Jul/2018 23:48 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:07

by Vincent Genova


Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin has announced that his relationship with girlfriend Yanet is over.

The relationship has ended in part so Censor can focus on competing in Call of Duty, especially the upcoming CoD Champs and then the Black Ops 4 season.


Censor starts off the video with some background information, including how the couple has been living apart due to their job situations in different countries. He then details why the pair split.

There’s only 24 hours in a day and I just didn’t have enough time to do everything that I needed to do… At this moment in my life, I don’t have time for a girlfriend. I have to focus on myself, what I’m doing as a career.

Censor’s current career is as a professional Call of Duty player and content creator.


It was not known what Censor would do following the WW2 competitive season, considering he came out of retirement to play, however he seemed to confirm he is returning for Black Ops 4.

I’m so focused on Call of Duty, I can’t give her the attention that she wants and I just know that this is how it’s going to be for at least another year. She’s going to be doing that job over there, I’m going to be playing Black Ops 4 full time.

He left no doubts about his intentions further along in the video.

I just know for a fact I’m playing Black Ops 4. I’m going to be locked in for Call of Duty.

It has been a wild year for Censor as he almost single-handedly brought storylines back to competitive Call of Duty.


He was involved in a pro points scandal that caused him to narrowly miss out on Stage 1 of the CWL Pro League after a disappointing result at CWL New Orleans.

After the disappointment, Censor stated his goals were to make Stage 2 of the Pro League and then win the Call of Duty World Championship. He joined a compLexity squad headed for Stage 2 to accomplish the first part of his mission.

Censor, now with more time to focus, will be competing next in the Call of Duty World Championship in Columbus, Ohio on August 15 to 19.


You can watch the full video on his breakup below:

Call of Duty

Censor says Black Ops Cold War is the best CoD ever – again

Published: 18/Oct/2020 11:04

by Joe Craven


Ex-Call of Duty pro player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has stated that Black Ops Cold War is the “best CoD” he has played – although some have pointed out he has said similar things in the past. 

The Black Ops Cold War Beta is into its final weekend, but Treyarch have already confirmed it will be extended by 24 hours, meaning it will now conclude on Tuesday, October 20.


Feedback has – as you would expect with a Beta – been largely mixed, with players highlighting skill-based matchmaking as a particular issue. Maps, footstep audio and weapon balance though, has been generally praised.

While some big figures in the CoD community, namely Swagg and NICKMERCS, have been critical of the Beta, others, like Censor, have been overwhelmingly positive.

Activision / Infinity Ward
The Beta will now finish on October 20, after being extended by one day.

In an October 17 tweet, the ex-New York Subliners substitute said: “Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is the BEST COD I have ever played. [I] literally never get bored of this game.”

However, many followers of the pro, as well as Reddit users, were quick to point out that he has made similar comments about past CoD games. Some of the CoD games in question, like Call of Duty: WWII, have gone on to be widely criticized, particularly by the competitive community.

One Redditor, u/SSMKh, shared an image of similar tweets made for each of the last four CoD games, from WWII through to this year’s Black Ops Cold War. While not all of his tweets refer to the games as the best of all time, they are all overwhelmingly complimentary.


The Redditor even said: “I’m really not sure if he even takes himself seriously, he has to be trolling, right? There’s no way someone can be stupid enough to fall for the same thing 4 years in a row.”

Ah shit here we go again from r/blackopscoldwar

In Censor’s defense, there is every chance Black Ops Cold War will go on to be the best CoD of all time. However, many see his tendency to be very positive early on as disingenuous and naive. Only time will tell how Black Ops Cold War is remembered in the CoD community.