Call of Duty pro Attach featured on CNN after calling the President a “troll”

. 3 years ago
Donald Trump - Twitter

Professional Call of Duty player Dillon ‘Attach‘ Price was featured on a national news show on CNN, but not for the reasons you’d expect. 

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While talk of politics is not commonly found in the world of professional gaming and esports, there are those that will crack a joke here and there about governmental leaders, especially the President of the United States.

Case in point – Attach, a world champion CoD pro who called the President “the most successful troll of all time” in a tweet on June 22.

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His tweet came in response to one that the President had put out, which included an animated cover of Time Magazine suggesting that his policies and ideology could far outlive his Presidency.

While Attach may not have thought much about his tweet, since he’s hardly the first to say such a thing about the current President, the post ended up being featured on CNN, one of the biggest news outlets in the US and around the world.

The tweet put out by the President, and other comments he had made relating to the subject, were being discussed on a political commentary show when suddenly Attach’s tweet was flashed across the screen, and was even read out-loud by the host.

The moment was captured by the CoD pro and posted on his Instagram account, along with the caption “Welp, I was on CNN yesterday lol”

Attach and Evil Geniuses walking CWL Pro League tightrope

While getting a tweet featured on CNN might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Attach, his current situation in the CWL Pro League is far from ideal.

He and his Evil Geniuses squad are currently 8-13 in Division A, and are mathematically eliminated from finish in the top-four, meaning that they cannot clinch an automatic entry into the $1.25 million Playoffs at CWL Finals.

However, EG will still have a chance of making it into the postseason, as the bottom-four teams from both divisions will compete against each other in a Play-In tournament, from which two squads will qualify for Playoffs.

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