Sneak peek at Modern Warfare factions revealed

Infinity Ward

The faction logos for Call of Duty’s upcoming release Modern Warfare have surfaced thanks to New Era’s game-related merchandise page.  

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Call of Duty fans from around the world are gearing up for the Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal on Thursday, August 1, with Infinity Ward finally lifting the lid on what to expect when the October 25 release date comes around.

Fans have already seen, and reacted to, the new Gunfight 2v2 mode and even got an insight into the supposed brand new perks and a full list of potential killstreaks, thanks to leakers with alleged sources. Yet, official information has remained sparse.

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Infinity WardFans have already got a glimpse of the action with Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode.

However, thanks to New Era – the clothing company that Call of Duty has been doing merchandise with since the release of Black Ops 4 – the brand new logos for in-game factions have appeared upon a newly released hoodie.

The image, which doesn’t have any names for the groups, shows eight logos that are set to be emblazoned on the sleeves of the hoodie – with half taking the left side, and the other half taking the right side. Considering how many insignias there are, it seems likely that they are the Multiplayer groups. 

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New EraCall of Duty’s eight new faction logos for Modern Warfare.
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There is also a t-shirt for a sale that has a further two logos on, with each badge taking up a sleeve of their own. 

Some long-time fans may immediately draw out the comparison between these and the classic logos for the Army Rangers and Taskforce 141 from the campaign. While the two new logos aren’t the same as those, it might be a reimagining from Infinity Ward as the description lists them as the symbols for the West factions

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New EraThe two West faction logos for Modern Warfare.
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With only five days to go until the multiplayer reveal at time of writing, it remains to be seen as to if these logos will actually be the ones used in online play. 

With Infinity Ward confirming that the tile will be a soft reboot of the franchise and not follow on the iconic trilogy, fans could very well be in for some brand new teams to fight for in Modern Warfare.

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