Call of Duty leaker claims all classic MW2 maps will come to Modern Warfare 2 2022

Modern Warfare 2 maps Rundown and Favela with MWII 2022 logoActivision

A Call of Duty leaker has claimed that Modern Warfare 2 2022 will bring back every single one of the iconic maps that were in the original MW2 from back in 2009.

Modern Warfare 2 is regarded by many as the greatest Call of Duty game in franchise history, with the very best maps the series has to offer.

That’s one part of the reason why fans are so excited for the next Modern Warfare 2 game, due to arrive in October.

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While it may not be the highly requested remaster fans have requested for years, it’s going to bring the Modern Warfare series forward and, best of all, it might bring some classic MW2 features with it.

In fact, while some players have asked for the most popular maps to return, such as Highrise and Terminal, they may be getting way more than they bargained for.

According to reliable CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope, Infinity Ward are “planning to release all/almost all Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps together all at once sometime during the post-launch of Modern Warfare II (2022).”

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Ghost hypothesized that these maps could all arrive in bulk as Year 2 content, though that’s certainly up in the air.

As shown in the screenshot, Modern Warfare had 14 original maps not including DLC that came throughout the year, many of which are considered some of the best or seriously underrated.

While this is only a leak and should always be taken with a pinch of salt, it will give players hope in how Modern Warfare 2 could develop.

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They’ll just be praying that the original maps on MWII can live up to the hype.

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