Call of Duty League Power Rankings after CDL Minnesota

Florida Mutineers took their second tournament win of the inaugural Call of Duty League season at CDL Minnesota, beating out Atlanta FaZe in the grand final.

The tournament, which was defined by huge upsets and Game 5 galore, saw a number of matches go in entirely unexpected directions, from Chicago’s premature exit to Los Angeles Guerrillas looking like a genuine championship contender.

As such, we’ve updated our power rankings once again, so let’s take a look.

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12. Seattle Surge (-1)

Call of Duty League
Seattle Surge’s roster roundabout hasn’t much helped them throughout the season.

Seattle Surge have failed to capitalize on the player’s individual abilities and accolades at just about every step of this season.

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With three-time world champion Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow announcing his retirement just a week prior to CDL Minnesota, the team were thrown into a tough situation, and their sixth-place finish is the proof. They played Atlanta to a very tight 3-2 loss, and just scraped by Minnesota RØKKR in the following round, but the 3-0 loss to Dallas Empire was sadly expected.

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11. Paris Legion (-1)

Call of Duty League
Paris Legion have lost momentum as the season goes on.

Paris Legion kicked off the season as a hugely underrated team, but have slowly seen their prevalence over the competition fade away as the year has disappeared behind them.

Legion aren’t a bad team by any stretch, but they simply aren’t up to the standards of most of the top half of the table, and haven’t really done enough at recent events to justify moving upwards.

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10. Toronto Ultra (-1)

Joe Brady / Activision Blizzard
Toronto had high hopes heading into the event, but it didn’t quite work out.

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Heading into CDL Minnesota, both opposition players and the Ultra themselves seemed to think Toronto had a good chance of making a deep run at the event.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be the case, as they finished dead last and failed once again to live up to expectations. They’ll want to turn their fortunes around soon to have any chance of winning the season-ending World Championship tournament.

9. Los Angeles Guerrillas (+3)

Call of Duty League
LA Guerrillas look like they might have finally found their stride, but can they keep it up?

We have just one question for the Los Angeles Guerrillas: Where has this team been all year?

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After a roster overhaul towards the beginning of the season, the team didn’t look to have really improved that much, if at all… but CDL Minnesota looked like a turning of the tides. The squad looked on the same page, and for the second consecutive tournament, Vivid looked like a future star… We’ll have to wait and see how they look in the coming weeks.

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8. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles (-)

OpTic Gaming LA
Jkap (pictured) was replaced in the starting roster by Chino, and it seems to have helped so far.

OGLA weren’t in attendance at CDL Minnesota, so didn’t have the opportunity to improve on recent placements, but they’re starting to look like a real team now.

With the pressure heating up from local rivals Guerrillas, who will end up victorious in the battle of Los Angeles? It seems OGLA have the advantage for now, but they might not have it for long.

7. Minnesota RØKKR (-)

Twitter: ROKKR
Minnesota have been very up and down this season.

Minnesota went 0-2 at their own event with consecutive losses to Dallas Empire and Seattle Surge.

They were without star player Alexx, who had to pull out after day one with an injury, and unfortunately, replacement Exceed failed to fill the gap enough to earn a win. It was terrible luck from the Minnesota camp but, hopefully, the squad will be back to full strength for their next outing.

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6. London Royal Ravens (-)

Katy Eyre / ESPAT Media
London came second at CDL Seattle, but need to keep that energy up.

London Royal Ravens came second at the previous online event, CDL Seattle, but weren’t playing the Minnesota tournament and therefore unable to improve their ranking.

We’ve seen what they have the potential to do, but they’re going to need more top placements to make their way further up the top half of our power rankings.

5. New York Subliners (-)

Katy Eyre (ESPAT Media)
New York Subliners have seen a revival after adding Mack to the starting roster.

New York Subliners also didn’t play at CDL Minnesota, but with Mack recently arriving on the team, they’ve looked better and better at each outing.

This is a squad that has proven champions and a fat lot of potential behind it – what they need to do in the remainder of the season is prove that they’re better than just being a good team, and become genuine championship contenders.

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4. Chicago Huntsmen (-1)

Chicago Huntsmen’s knockout loss came at the hands of the previously-underwhelming Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Chicago Huntsmen move out of the top three of our power rankings for the first time, finishing in fifth place after a 3-2 loss to Los Angeles Guerrillas.

While still always looking to be in the championship picture, they’ve failed to find consistency like Dallas or Atlanta, and find themselves moving down after another disappointing weekend, despite their prior CDL Seattle win.

3. Florida Mutineers (+1)

MLG / Florida Mutineers
Mutineers became the fourth team to win two separate COD League events this season.

If you had said Florida Mutineers would beat Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe in consecutive series to win this tournament, many would have called you crazy.

Though Florida have proven in the past that they’re a good side, not many anticipated another trophy for the cabinet, and after consistently getting the better of Chicago Huntsmen, it’s impossible to keep them from moving up anymore. Huge kudos to Owakening, too, who won his very first pro event – that’s not something many Call of Duty League players can say.

2. Atlanta FaZe (-)

Call of Duty League
Atlanta have maintained their high standard across the entire season.

This was a hard decision to make, with Atlanta beating Dallas and making the grand final, but the truth is that they seemed to be struggling all weekend, so much so that it became difficult to justify putting them back in the number one spot.

Their wins all came in tight 3-2 scorelines during CDL Minnesota and, with Dallas beating them in the grand final of CDL Chicago, we felt that we couldn’t move them up any further.

1. Dallas Empire (-)

Dallas Empire maintain their number 1 spot at least until the next event.

Of course, that leaves Dallas clinging on to their top spot once more, having looked really good all weekend at CDL Minnesota, and both their losses were so tight and really could have gone either way.

Atlanta and Dallas will both be in attendance once again at the next event, CDL Paris, so maybe the power rankings picture will change after that – either way, it’s going to be an exciting watch.

Twitter: CODLeague
Atlanta FaZe still top the official standings after CDL Minnesota.

CDL Paris takes place June 19-21, just days after Mutineers celebrated their second CDL win, and it looks like it’s going to be a seriously interesting tournament.

In Group A, Dallas Empire are joined by Florida Mutineers, London Royal Ravens and Paris Legion. Group B sees Atlanta FaZe take on Toronto Ultra, New York Subliners and OpTic Gaming Los Angeles.

Make sure to sign up to earn CDL in-game rewards, including emblems and calling cards, ahead of the event – and tune in to find out who the best team in the game really is.