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Call of Duty: Blackout player wins incredible match using only a Bowie Knife

Published: 3/Dec/2018 16:24 Updated: 3/Dec/2018 16:49

by David Purcell


There’s a big difference between thinking that you could win a game with just a Bowie Knife on Call of Duty’s Blackout mode and actually doing it. Well, somebody has pulled it off!

Apotheosis_13, who uploaded a video of their accomplishment to YouTube just over a week ago, was the first to admit the victory was “lucky”.

The gamer didn’t choose to hide in the shadows though, slicing his way through a football team’s worth of zombies in the beginning after landing at the Asylum. The player then stabbed two players right off the bat.

With his bloody blade in-hand, Apotheosis swam over towards a nearby quad bike – a risky move to make so much sound with no firearm. He headed over to Construction Site with smoke pouring out of his vehicle. 

Call of Duty WikiCall of Duty: Black Ops 1’s Zombies map, Verruckt.

This is where the next player was encountered. He wrapped the quad around the roof of the building to dodge bullets and fell. With the player still trying to kill him, Apotheosis managed to run clear of fire and get the kill.

Now in the zone, Apotheosis decided to hold his position, realizing that he was surrounded by enemies.  Players were coming from Estates, Array, Firing Range and Train Station. His chances of winning the game were dwindling with every footstep.

Finding Level 3 armor was a crucial moment for the gamer, and as he scoured houses for more supplies, he came across an enemy player and was able to dice him up for his fourth kill. 

Apotheosis then spotted a truck nearby, and went on the offensive, using his Grappling Hook to close the distance to his opponents before slicing them up as well. 

Later on, a guy came storming into his room and almost shot him down, but the execution of the melee attack was perfect. He stabbed one more on the roof soon after, scarpering swiftly with his equipment again.

As the circle neared and he was shot at again, Apotheoisis used the Grappling Hook to leap outside of the circle with his knife and seal the victory in style. 

It was an incredible win. Do you think you could you pull it off?

Call of Duty

Another Warzone streamer shows hacks live on Twitch stream

Published: 24/Oct/2020 22:27

by Theo Salaun


Like clockwork, another Call of Duty: Warzone streamer has exposed their in-game cheats while playing live on Twitch. And this time, the cheater did not take kindly to chat quickly trashing him.

Hackers have been the biggest issue in Warzone; with cross-play enabled between PC and console players for the first time, the CoD fanbase has been exposed to even greater levels of cheating than ever before.

Going by ‘festation’ on Twitch, yet another streamer has outed themselves as a cheater on the platform by displaying their hacks while broadcasting live. In this case, they were quickly called out on Twitter and in the chat, leading to deleted clips and a switch to Black Ops 4 gameplay.

With Twitch chat flaming him for being bad at Modern Warfare and Warzone even with hacks activated, festation proceeded to let them know that he is elite on Black Ops 4 and challenged them to 1v1 matches. He then switched over to the earlier CoD title, but not before his hacks were clipped and shipped across the internet.

As shown in the clip, downloaded before its inevitable deletion on Twitch, festation is rolling around Verdansk while knowing precisely where every single opponent is on the map. He can see players, color-coded based on their health, with a structural indication of their character model’s movement through walls.

Similarly, he also has indicators for guns, cash, and armor found throughout the map. Unfortunately for him, that sort of unfair game awareness doesn’t equate to the IQ that matters, as he is easily blown up by a Cluster Strike at one point.

This is likely why Twitch chat laid into him even more, as fans typically shame hackers for remaining inferior at the game even when gaining an unfair advantage. 

Part of the reason why he gained a decent amount of viewers on Twitch was likely because of getting exposed on Twitter. Concerned fans of the battle royale went so far as to reply to a random TimTheTatMan tweet to try and bring attention to the blatant hacking.

In response, new viewers could enjoy seeing the cheater switch over to BO4 and continue to struggle while throwing out challenges to his detractors in chat: “Get on Black Ops 4, watch me smack any of you on Hardpoint.”

This is far from the first time a streamer has been exposed for cheating. In the past, one accidentally displayed his hacks while another purposefully tried to show his off. As of yet, neither Infinity Ward nor Twitch appear to have banned festation, but repercussions seem likely following this exposure.