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Call of Duty: Blackout player wins incredible match using only a Bowie Knife

Published: 3/Dec/2018 16:24 Updated: 3/Dec/2018 16:49

by David Purcell


There’s a big difference between thinking that you could win a game with just a Bowie Knife on Call of Duty’s Blackout mode and actually doing it. Well, somebody has pulled it off!

Apotheosis_13, who uploaded a video of their accomplishment to YouTube just over a week ago, was the first to admit the victory was “lucky”.

The gamer didn’t choose to hide in the shadows though, slicing his way through a football team’s worth of zombies in the beginning after landing at the Asylum. The player then stabbed two players right off the bat.

With his bloody blade in-hand, Apotheosis swam over towards a nearby quad bike – a risky move to make so much sound with no firearm. He headed over to Construction Site with smoke pouring out of his vehicle. 

Call of Duty WikiCall of Duty: Black Ops 1’s Zombies map, Verruckt.

This is where the next player was encountered. He wrapped the quad around the roof of the building to dodge bullets and fell. With the player still trying to kill him, Apotheosis managed to run clear of fire and get the kill.

Now in the zone, Apotheosis decided to hold his position, realizing that he was surrounded by enemies.  Players were coming from Estates, Array, Firing Range and Train Station. His chances of winning the game were dwindling with every footstep.

Finding Level 3 armor was a crucial moment for the gamer, and as he scoured houses for more supplies, he came across an enemy player and was able to dice him up for his fourth kill. 

Apotheosis then spotted a truck nearby, and went on the offensive, using his Grappling Hook to close the distance to his opponents before slicing them up as well. 

Later on, a guy came storming into his room and almost shot him down, but the execution of the melee attack was perfect. He stabbed one more on the roof soon after, scarpering swiftly with his equipment again.

As the circle neared and he was shot at again, Apotheoisis used the Grappling Hook to leap outside of the circle with his knife and seal the victory in style. 

It was an incredible win. Do you think you could you pull it off?

Call of Duty

CoD Mobile devs confirm iconic weapon coming in Season 14

Published: 16/Jan/2021 16:47

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile devs have revealed that one iconic CoD weapon is coming in 2021’s Season 1 update, and it should be recognizable to any long-time CoD fan.

For years, Call of Duty fans have begged Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Activision, and anyone else who will listen, for a game that takes the best part of all previous releases and puts them into one.

Increasingly, we’re seeing more map remakes, classic weapons returning, and even character crossovers thanks to Warzone, but it’s CoD Mobile that really fits the bill of what that all-encompassing CoD game would be.

The mobile game has maps from CoD 4: Modern Warfare, Black Ops 1, as well as weapons from Advanced Warfare and even Black Ops 3 and 4. With the first major update of 2021 just around the corner, the devs have started teasing what’s coming next, and we’re getting more throwbacks.

Ghost in CoD mobile and the Crossfire map
CoD Mobile has characters, maps, and weapons from almost every modern Call of Duty game.

Even though CoD Mobile is currently, as of writing, in Season 13, when the first major update of 2021 hits, we’ll be back to Season 1. Just like how Fortnite is now Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5.

Regardless, when players finally get to play the new season update, they’ll be able to wield the FAMAS. Yes, the iconic Call of Duty weapon, that has been in a whole host of CoD games is finally arriving in CoD Mobile.

The devs confirmed the news on January 16, tweeting out their first teaser for the new season. “A new weapon is approaching! Can you guess what it is?” they said, with an image and it’s fairly obvious that the weapon in question is the FAMAS.

The name of the iconic weapon might get a slight tweak when it is added to CoD Mobile. The devs have tweaked the names of other recognizable guns before, just to give it a new feel for the mobile game.

There’s also the question of whether it’ll be as powerful as it was, say, back in Black Ops 1. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long.