BruceDropEmOff puts $20K bounty on racist CoD player & wants to find him IRL

BruceDropEmOff playing CODActivision/BruceDropEmOff

Recently-signed Kick streamer BruceDropEmOff is putting a $20K bounty on a Call of Duty player who was racist to him and urged his fans to find out where he lives.

BruceDropEmOff has a new home on Kick following multiple bans on rival platform Twitch.

During his first Kick broadcast, Bruce began playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and a player in his lobby kept bombarding him with racist abuse.

After being called an assortment of racial slurs and even making some offensive remarks of his own, Bruce had enough and put a massive bounty on the CoD player.

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BruceDropEmOff issues $20K bounty to find racist CoD player

In a clip that’s been causing a major discussion on Reddit, Bruce snapped at the racist player and encouraged his viewers to dox the player.

“Hey, somebody find this guy! Somebody find this * where he lives!” Bruce rallied. “Whoever finds any information, I got $20,000 for you.”

The player making the racist comments, however, wasn’t threatened by the bounty and instead said he would “beat the f**k” out of him.

brucedropemoff codKick/BruceDropEmOff
Bruce traded insults with a racist CoD player.

As the game continued, Bruce and the other player kept trading racially charged insults. The Kick streamer kept making disparaging comments about his rival being Mexican.

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Eventually, the game ended in a disastrous 0-6 score with Bruce not getting a single kill, but the streamer did issue an apology to his Mexican viewers for how he acted.

It’s not known if anyone in the chat actually found any information about the racist player or if Bruce will pay up, but such actions would certainly not be allowed on a platform such as Twitch which prohibits users from encouraging doxxing.