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Broken Warzone exploit allows players to start with extra armor and cash

Published: 10/Jun/2020 2:07

by Brad Norton


Warzone players are dropping into Verdansk with money and armor piling up due to a ridiculous new exploit.

Every dollar and every piece of equipment in Warzone is absolutely vital. This is doubly true when it comes to the early game in the 150 player battle royale.

A few hundred bucks could help secure an early loadout drop for your team. Extra armor plates could guarantee a first gunfight win over an un-armored opponent. Unfortunately, a new exploit is giving players a huge advantage before even setting foot in Verdansk.

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Infinity Ward
Players are dropping into Warzone with cash already in-hand due to this new exploit.

Almost every battle royale title features some form of pre-game area and Warzone is no different. As players load into the match, there’s a window of friendly competition where all players spawn in close proximity. 


This pre-game chaos seems trivial on the surface, yet it actually has a shocking impact on the real match. If players make their way to loot in this early form of Verdansk, they’re able to carry it with them into the proper showdown.

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Infinity Ward
The bottom left corner shows how early items can be acquired before even dropping into the map.

Reddit user ‘Aviationist’ dropped into their trio lobby with three plates of armor already equipped and $800 to their name. This is before even a single member of the team emerged from the plane.

“If you stand in a place that spawns loot as the lobby countdown ends you can pick up cash, armor, or ammo,” another player explained. As the game moves from this pre-match scuffle to the real deal, you can stand where loot appears and pick it up before transitioning to the plane.


You won’t be able to take weapons or ammo with you, though starting with extra armor and a surplus of cash is an unreal advantage. This exploit puts you and your team a step ahead of every other player dropping into the map. Opening gunfights could be an instant win with the bonus damage you can absorb with three armor plates.

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Infinity Ward
Early armor plates could lead to some extremely unfair opening fights.

Developers at Infinity Ward are yet to comment on the issue. Given how critical this exploit is, however, one has to imagine a fix will be on the way very soon.

Season 4 of Warzone is right around the corner. Perhaps the looming update could see the problem squashed before it gets too out of hand.