Warzone hacker tries to disguise cheats in worst possible way

call of duty warzoneActivision

A hacker in Call of Duty Warzone attempted to cover up their aim botting by using a heartbeat sensor, but nobody’s buying it. 

Warzone has been flooded with hackers since the game launched all the way back in March 2020.

Although Activision introduced the RICOCHET anti-cheat system, some argue it hasn’t done enough to purge cheaters completely from the game, and that running into them can still be a regular occurrence.

One Reddit user posted a player using cheats who hilariously tried to cover up their tracks in the laziest way possible.

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QBZ being held in WarzoneActivision
Cheaters in Warzone are still a huge problem.

Warzone player fails to cover up cheating

On April 8, Redditor ThisMemeWontDie posted to the CODWarzone subreddit a clip from their recent match.

The post was titled: “Oh he pulled out the heartbeat he definitely isn’t cheating.”

The clip shows killcam footage of the Reddit user being taken out by a player that pulls out a Heartbeat Sensor, doesn’t use it at all, then insta-locks onto two heads with a Homecoming Assault Rifle for a free double kill.

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The cheater in the video barely made an attempt to hide their hacking ways by merely pulling out the equipment, only to not use it at all.

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Warzone fans sounded off in the comment section voicing their frustrations.

One user claimed: “The hacking has ramped up immensely the past couple of weeks. It’s so damn annoying.”

Another CoD fan shared how defeated they feel with the current state of cheating in Warzone.

They said:  “I’m always on the receiving end of this. I don’t even report stuff like that anymore. I feel like it’s just a waste of time. ”

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It seems that cheating has become so prevalent hackers aren’t even trying to hide their ways anymore. And when they do, like this clip, it’s an instant meme.

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