Black Ops Cold War leak shows all attachments for AK-74u, XM4 & more

Joe Craven
Black Ops cold War character holding a gun

Reputable Call of Duty leaker BKTOOR has shared a full look at every Black Ops Cold War attachment for the AK-74u, Tundra, and Type 63.

It’s fair to say the Black Ops Cold War Alpha took most of the Call of Duty community by surprise, with developers Treyarch only giving two days notice.

Feedback has generally been overwhelmingly positive, with many enjoying the change of pace from Modern Warfare. However, some MW features have been retained, including the Gunsmith system that proved very popular in Infinity Ward’s title.

Black Ops Cold War Alpha
The Alpha went live on September 18, and lasts until September 20.

The Alpha has unlocked nearly every weapon for players, as well as a number of attachments. Not all attachments are available though and, even with players able to see the names of the attachments, they are unable to view them or view the effect they have on the weapon in question.

Thankfully, reputable leaker BKTOOR has shared in-game footage of all the attachments for a number of weapons, including the AK-74u, which has established itself as an early front runner.

The attachments’ full profiles can be viewed now, seeing exactly how they affect the AK-74u. Judging by the attachments there will be some serious choices for players to make, with attachments like the 9.9″ Blue Squadron barrel offering increased damage and muzzle velocity, but reducing magazine size.

It wasn’t just the AK-74u that the leaker shared a more exhaustive look at, with the LW3- Tundra sniper rifle and Type 63 being shared.

There has been a lot of discussion about sniper rifles in the game’s Alpha, but Treyarch have already confirmed that snipers were intentionally buffed to allow better data collection.

Finally, the leaker shared a look at the XM4 assault rifle, and the full set of attachments that will be available for it in future versions of the game.

It goes without saying that the attachments listed give us an idea of how they will impact weapons, but these are not final given the early development stage Black Ops Cold War is still in.

The thought of the AK-74u being made even stronger is scary, but Treyarch are known for their regular adjustments and patches to ensure everything remains balanced.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to drop in full on November 13.