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Call of Duty

Black Ops 4: Top 10 important tips for beginners or those just trying to improve in Multiplayer

Published: 28/Dec/2018 2:36 Updated: 28/Dec/2018 2:37

by Albert Petrosyan


With each annual release of a new Call of Duty title, more and more people worldwide jump on the hype train and try their hand at the popular first person shooter series, especially during the holiday season.

While CoD has its share of experienced and veteran players who can single-handedly dominate a public match lobby, there are also many beginner level players, such as “Christmas noobs,” who are just getting used to the mechanics, weapons, maps, and nuances of the game.

Keeping that in mind, CoD expert YouTuber ‘TheXclusiveAce‘ has released 10 important tips that players have to keep in mind when playing Black Ops 4.


While his 10 pieces of advice will certainly help beginners drastically improve over a short period of time, they can also be of use to the vast majority of the player-base who aren’t top level elite players and always have room for improvement. 

The tips he provides are rudimentary and not advanced or complex, and they are not in any particular order as each has its own importance and value.


  • Buddy Up – Always keep a teammate nearby because the time to kill in Black Ops 4 is considerably longer than in previous CoD titles, so having someone to help out in gunfights can make a difference, especially since there is no “kill stealing” as kills and assists are combined into EKIA.
  • Try not to use Body Armor – Body Armor is a strong Gear but it can only help a player out once per life., while other Gear like Stim Shot and Acoustic Sensor can be used more than once and be more effective. 
  • Attachments > Perks – Attachments are a lot more powerful than perks in Black Ops 4, so it’s usually better to use class points for attachments and keeping perks to a just the necessary ones. 
  • Use Gung-Ho – Speaking of perks, Gung-Ho is a powerful tier-2 perk that offers a lot value, including the ability to fire your weapon while sprinting, recover from spring faster, and move at full speed when reloading.
  • Don’t use Ghost – Unlike previous CoD games, Ghost in Black Ops 4 is pretty much useless because it only activates when you are in full sprint. This means that any time you stop sprinting to reload or heal, the enemy’s UAV will track you.
  • Don’t forget to heal – This may seem like a very basic tip, because it is. However, many who are playing Black Ops 4 for the first time may forget to manually heal since they are so used to the auto-regen featured in every CoD title previous.
  • Use cover – An important tip for any FPS game, especially CoD, is to use objects and structures on the map for cover from enemy fire. You should always use cover when engaging in a gunfight, moving from one area or another, or standing stationary. 
  • Find your perfect sensitivity – Sensitivity is a very important setting in every CoD game, and BO4 introduced two new options called ADS and High Zoom, so playing around with those to find the perfect sensitivity will help you win a lot more gunfights. For help in finding your best sens for vertical, horizontal, ADS, and High Zoom, visit our sens tutorial article HERE.
  • Use a launcher (if possible) – Launchers can play a big role during the course of a public match, so equipping one on at least a few of your classes can help your help yourself and your team by shooting down lethal and recon scorestreaks. 
  • Learn from mistakes – Whenever you make a poor decision in Black Ops 4 that results in a death, think about what you did wrong make sure to learn from it so that you can come out on top when similar scenarios take place in the future. 

You can view TheXclusiveAce’s full video about the ten important tips in Black Ops 4 below: