Black Ops 4 Operation Apocalypse Z revealed: leaked weapons and zombies in multiplayer


A data mined leak has revealed a host of new weapons which were added to the Black Ops 4 game files, expected to be released with the fifth operation – Apocalypse Z, which will also see Zombies “take over” multiplayer.

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With each new ‘operation’ in Black Ops 4, new content is added for the three modes; multiplayer, Blackout and Zombies – as well as new weapons.

Previous operations have seen the likes of the Daemon 3XB SMG added, and the recent Days of Summer update bringing a host of new guns – although Treyarch sparked controversy after locking them in supply drops.

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Treyarch released this cryptic teaser for Zombies DLC 3.

The next operation is set to begin on July 9 for PlayStation 4, and July 16 for PC and Xbox players, but thanks to a data mined leak, we already know what we can expect to (potentially) be added.

Treyarch themselves have confirmed “the undead take over Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout in Operation Apocalypse Z.”

Data miner u/Senescallo has been digging through the game files, and spotted a number of assets that were all added within the last couple of months, but are yet to appear in-game. It’s not confirmed that they will all be added with the new operation, but these are some of the weapons which you can expect to get your hands on.

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M16 (Tactical Rifle)

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3-round burst tactical rifle. Improved damage and accuracy with a pronounced delay between bursts.

  • Internal Name: 
  • Added to game files: May 1
  • Optics: Reflex, Recon, Holographic, and NVIR
  • Attachments: High Caliber, Grip, Extended Mags, Stock, Suppressor, High Caliber II, Grip II, Fast Mags, Quickdraw, and FMJ
  • Operator Mod: Not available

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Havelina AA50 (Sniper)

Semi-auto sniper rifle. High Damage with manual reload, 1-shot kill to the head or chest. Hold the sprint button while ADS to steady.

  • Internal Name: 
  • Previous Name: Vilvaldi 50
  • Added to game files: May 1
  • Optics: Holographic, Iron Sights, Dual Zoom, and Recon
  • Attachments: High Caliber, Grip, Extended Mags, FMJ, High Caliber II, Stabilizer, Speed Loader, and Stock
  • Operator Mod: Not available

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Argus (Shotgun)

Lever-action shotgun. Improved handling with more ammo. Deadly accurate while aiming down sights.

  • Internal Name: 
  • Previous Description: “… Improved handling and reduced pellet spread.
  • Added to game files: June 5
  • Optics: Reflex and ELO
  • Attachments: Quickdraw, Long Barrel, Fast Mags, Rapid Fire, Stock, Suppressor, and Extended Mags
  • Operator Mod: Not available

Reaver C86 (Special, Crossbow)

Dual platform crossbow. Silently delivers lethal bolt projectiles.

  • Internal Name: 
  • Previous Name: Gambit 22
  • Added to game files: May 30
  • Optics: Compact Scope
  • Attachments: Stock and Extended Mags
  • Operator Mod: Not available

Full Stop (Melee)

Lethal melee weapon. Guaranteed to make your enemies *stop*.

  • Internal Name: 
  • Previous Name: Stop Sign
  • Added to game files: May 1

Backhander (Melee)

Lethal melee weapon. The diseased and yet oddly resilient arm of some unfortunate soul.

  • Internal Name: 
  • Previous Name: Zombie Arm
  • Added to game files: May 1

Of course, just because these weapons were added to the game files doesn’t guarantee that they will be added to the game proper, but we know that Treyarch have been working on them in the build-up to the next operation.

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