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Black Ops 4 multiplayer servers appear to have been improved massively

Published: 28/Oct/2018 1:22 Updated: 28/Oct/2018 8:33

by Calum Patterson


According to new data, the multiplayer servers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have been improved significantly since launch, and are running at over 60Hz as of October 27.

During the launch week of Black Ops 4, players were vocally disappointed to discover that the game was running at only 20Hz (sending 20 updates per second from the server to the client).

Beta testing had shown previously that it was running at 60Hz in the multiplayer beta, so it was a significant downgrade, leaving players feeling somewhat cheated.

Treyarch quickly made clear that they had optimized the servers specifically for the launch period, where they expected a high player count, and would continue to improve as time went on.

After a few days, some early tests indicated that multiplayer servers were running at 30Hz, and now it appears they have been improved further.

According to reddit user u/soja92, tests conducted on both PC and PS4 indicate an improvement to 62Hz in regular multiplayer matches, tested in TDM and Control.

TDM on PS4

Blackout, which was 20Hz in the beta also, is still running at 20Hz, which could remain like this for the foreseeable future, as the higher player count in Blackout matches puts added strain on the servers.

Blackout on PC

Finally, custom games are running at 20Hz client send rate, much lower than public matches. This is typical for custom games, similar to previous CoD titles.

Custom games on PC

The Reddit user who posted the data, u/soja92, does explain that this could be limited to their specific region, Northeast USA, but even if it is not worldwide, it at least shows what Treyarch is aiming for.

“Decided to run some tests today while I was playing, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the servers were running at 62Hz!

I tested blackout, but nothing has changed there. It is still running 20Hz.

This may still be a testing region, or even a delayed rollout so I can’t say for sure if your region has 6(2)Hz yet but it’s here at least for the Northeast region of the US!”

Treyarch has been keeping Black Ops 4 and Blackout fresh with new updates every day, and it appears that constant server improvements are being made, as promised by the studio.

Call of Duty

New Warzone update removes helicopters & adds Juggourdnaut Royale

Published: 23/Oct/2020 19:56

by Tanner Pierce


Infinity Ward has pushed out a new playlist update for both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone and while it adds some modes to the game like Juggourdnaut Royale, it also removes helicopters from the night-version of its battle royale.

New playlist updates for Modern Warfare and Warzone, generally speaking, only change out the gamemodes in the game, but today’s is a bit special. According to some notes released by Infinity Ward, the new hotfix removes two major aspects of the title.

The first is the removal of helicopters from the night version of Verdansk, which is pretty major to say the least. Currently, it’s unclear exactly why Infinity Ward made this change, as they didn’t specify in their tweet. It could be due to a bug, low visibility, or something else entirely.

Pumpkin heads have also been removed from Modern Warfare and Warzone.

In addition, the developer also removed the pumpkin heads due to a bug occurring, although exactly what that bug is was also not made clear. It’s also undetermined if this removal also affects the pumpkin heads on the juggernaut suit, which automatically has the head attached when you put it on.

Beyond these removals however, the update also adds a new mode, Juggourdnaut Royale. Despite the name being a bit different, this is the exact same mode as Juggernaut Royale, which was added to the game during Season 4. Players have to fight over juggernaut suits located around the map in order to survive.

On top of that, Infinity Ward also added BR Solo Survivor and Plunder: Candy Collector to the rotation, both of which appear to be renamed versions of the standard modes.

It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes the developers to re-add the helicopter and pumpkin heads to the game. While the former has obviously been in the game from the start, the latter is a nice seasonal treat that will only be around for a couple more weeks.