Call of Duty

Streamer shows a major flaw in allowing Barricade in the CWL Black Ops 4 rules

by Mike Kent


The first version of the official CoD World League rules for Black Ops 4 has received some tough feedback from the competitive community.


The rules announced on Friday, October 26 confirmed that only one specialist would be banned, with Nomad and his pesky trip mine and attack dog being removed from competitive play.

With just one specialist removed, that leaves nine to choose from, which includes a wide range of fairly controversial weaponry and equipment, including Ajax’s impenetrable riot shield and Firebreak’s flamethrower and reactor core.


One of the specialists that didn’t expect to cause much trouble was those belonging to Torque, however as one competitive player found out, it can actually result in a round of SnD becoming unwinnable for the opposition team.

During a competitive match in the 11th round of an SnD map, a player using Torque planted the bomb and setup Razor Wire and the Barricade.


After being killed by his opponent, the last man alive was unable to defuse the bomb, despite having ample time, all because of the Barricade’s radiation force field.

The clip below was posted on Twitter and within the first 12 hours had already been viewed almost 100,000 times.