Black Ops 4: How to unlock Specialists in Blackout

This guide will show you how to unlock Specialists in Black Ops 4’s Blackout.

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Your favorite multiplayer characters are available as skins in Blackout, however you will need to unlock them by completing secret missions first.

Only a few missions are available at a time, so not every Specialist can be earned at once, but Dexerto’s guide will update as more Specialist missions are discovered.

You can see what Specialists are available for unlock by going to the Character select screen and hovering over the Specialists, text that indicates their mission is live will appear under the character’s thumbnail.

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Read on to learn how to unlock Black Ops 4’s multiplayer Specialists in Blackout.

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You can unlock Ajax in Blackout by defeating enemies who are wearing armor pieces. This specialist mission will start when you find the “Broken Armor Plating” item, which can be found on eliminated players.

Once you have the item, you will need to knockout more players who are wearing armor, putting the broken armor in your inventory after the kill.

Ajax will be unlocked in Blackout if you finish the match with three broken armor pieces in your inventory.


The mission to unlock Torque in Blackout will activate when you find the “Note from Torque” item in a Supply Drop.

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Once you find the Note from Torque, you will have to deploy two Razor Wires, use a Barricade and then finish in the top 7.

Razor Wires and Barricades can be found as items on the ground. It is not necessary to wait to use the items until you find the note, however the note will have to be in your inventory at the end of the match to unlock Torque in Blackout.

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Good news for Recon fans, he has one of the easier missions in Black Ops 4. To unlock Recon in Blackout, you will need to find an item called Ching Coins.

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Ching Coins can be found in Supply Drops and crates, you will need to finish the match with Ching Coins in your inventory.

In addition to the coins, you will have to finish in the top 7 and avoid taking circle damage for the entire match.


To unlock Crash in Blackout you will have to find the Poker Chips item, equip 15 healing items and finish a match in the top 3.

It is important that you finish the match with the 15 healing items in your inventory, ones you use will not count.

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Battery’s Specialist Weapon, the War Machine, is the key to unlocking Battery in Blackout.

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You will have to find the War Machine and eliminate players with it, then finish in the top 15 of a match.


You can unlock Firebreak in Blackout by finding the “Burned Doll” item in Supply Drops and crates.

Killing enemies with fire damage is the next step, which can be with a Molotov item or Firebreak’s Specialist Weapon. If you got a fire kill and you end a match with the Burned Doll item in your inventory, Firebreak will be available in Blackout.


The secret to unlocking the Seraph is either landing at or going to the Firing Range location and finding a Mozu.

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There are six targets behind the structure with the green tarp that the player will need to shoot at with the Mozu, after which the Seraph’s Annihilator appears in a nearby box.

Players will then need to complete a set of challenges with the Annihilator, after which the Seraph will be unlocked as a playable character.


The trick to unlocking Prophet is perks. First, players need to find the “Ocular Prosthetic” item from a Supply Drop.

Players must then activate three perks, and win the match with the prosthetic in their inventory.


To get your hands on Ruin in Blackout, you must first get your hands on the “Punching Mitts”, which are located randomly around the map. 

You will then need to kill an enemy in close-quarters combat, then simply keep the Punching Mitts in their inventory until the end of the game. 


To unlock Nomad in Blackout, you will need to search through Supply Caches to find “Jeneau’s Tags”, and add them to their inventory. 

Players then need to kill three enemy specialists, finishing the game with the tags still in their inventory.